We’re Proud To Be Australian Made

We’re Proud To Be Australian Made

If you’ve been scrolling through our socials or picked up one of our packing boxes at your local NS centre recently, you may have noticed that our collection of cardboard boxes looks a little different.  

Our National Storage boxes have had a much-anticipated makeover! Sporting a sleek and minimalistic new design, each cardboard box product also features an extra important addition.  

Our entire range of cardboard boxes now carry the certified Australian Made trademark. That’s right, every box is made right here in Australia, and from recycled content no less! As a matter of fact, they always have been, but it was time we made it official.  

Australian Made Trademark 

Why is it important that our boxes are Australian Made? 

As an Australian-founded company, supporting Australian businesses and remaining true to our local origins is integral to the heart of our brand.  

The Australian Made logo is widely known as ‘the true mark of Aussie authenticity,’ and according to Roy Morgan Research, “is recognised by 99% of Australians and trusted by 92%” (Australian Made Campaign Ltd, 2022).  

With this in mind, it was a no-brainer to join the Australian Made Campaign family and add the trusted green and gold kangaroo to our boxes moving forward.  


Where do the Australian Made boxes fit into National Storage’s sustainability commitment? 

At National Storage, we have a long-term commitment to environmental, social and governance (ESG) practices across all aspects of our business. This commitment focuses upon our three key pillars of sustainability being Economic Performance, People, and Transformation. 

“We remain passionately committed to excellence in customer service, innovation, safe work practices and industry leading outcomes across a range of sustainability initiatives, designed to continue to transform our business into the most sustainable in its field,” says Managing Director Andrew Catsoulis. 

In the last few years, we’ve implemented a contact-free move-in process across our 200+ centre portfolio, reduced our climate impact with solar and LED installation programs, engaged the Carbon Reduction Institute to conduct a NoCO2 Audit to measure our carbon footprint, and continued to reduced waste thanks to our cardboard recycling program.   

The verification of our boxes being 100% Australian Made demonstrates our deep commitment as we continue our ESG journey.  

You can learn more about our approach to sustainability in our latest Sustainability Report. 

Customer with box 

How exactly are the boxes made? 

We thought you’d never ask! 

The recycled content is first placed through a manufacturing plant to produce new paper. This is then compacted into new board, rolled, cut, and stamped as per our box flat pack templates, before being delivered to our centre locations across Australia.  


Which products are 100% Australian Made? 

We currently have a suite of 12 Australian Made products that are available via our online Box Shop or at your local centre. Browse them for yourself below: 

Archive Box

Now, after you’ve skillfully packed your belongings like a game of Tetris and quickly grabbed the tape-gun to securely send them on their storage journey, you can sleep easy knowing your belongings are being stored in a high-quality box, made from recycled content right here in the land down under.  

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