Mid North Coast Storage

If you’re after clean, secure, and convenient storage for your goods in the Mid North Coast, National Storage can tailor a solution to you! Our Coffs Harbour self-storage units provide you with easy access and top security. Regardless if you’re staying short-term or long-term, National Storage Mid North Coast can accommodate your specific needs.

Coffs Harbour

8 Craft Close, Toormina NSW

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448 Macleay Valley Way, South Kempsey NSW

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Kempsey Central

79-83 West Street, Kempsey NSW

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What to Expect from Our Storage Units in Mid North Coast

Looking to declutter the house or moving into a new one? Or are you looking at storing your office and needing somewhere secure and clean to store your paperwork? National Storage Mid North Coast has the perfect tailored solution for you. Every National Storage Mid North Coast centre provides our tenants with secure and convenient solutions that provide our customers with a positive experience. Our staff pride themselves on treating your belongings with the upmost respect and care, to ensure that your storage is as pristine at the end of your stay, as they were at the start. 

Our Storage Solutions in Mid North Coast

National Storage Mid North Coast offers solutions to all your self storage needs, our range of solutions include: 

Self-storage: From decluttering your home, to storing old items you cannot bare to give away, one of National Storage Mid North Coast’s self storage units will provide you with a tailored storage solution. 

Business storageOrganise your paperwork and clear out your office with our business storage solutionswhich are tailored to businesses of all sizes. 

Wine storageWine ark is National Storage Mid North Coast’s wine storage solution. Our climate-controlled storage units, offering managed and self storage options, provides the perfect solution for the wine enthusiast. 

Vehicle storageNeeding vehicle storage for a long term trip, or simply moving to a new house and do not have room for your vehicle? National Storage Mid North Coast can provide you with secure and clean vehicle storage for your car, van, boat, caravan, or motorbike. 

Furniture storageNational Storage Mid North Coast can provide you with furniture storage that can cater to your every need. Having space for entire suites, or even singular furniture. 

Records managementAt selected National Storage Mid North Coast centres, we offer records management, which means we will be able to keep your paperwork catalogued, organised, and secure, whilst also retrieving and delivering it swiftly. 

No matter what you need or your location, National Storage Mid North Coast has the solution for you.  

Short-Term and Long-Term Storage Options in Mid North Coast

Short term and long term storage in Mid North Coast are imperative to self storage needs. Working on a month-to-month basis, National Storage Mid North Coast has the flexibility for both. Whether you are in-between homes, or looking to declutter the house, National Storage Mid North Coast can provide short and long term options 

Self-Storage Prices Mid North Coast

Self storage prices Mid North Coast can greatly differ from company to company; however National Storage Mid North Coast has competitive prices that will price match. Our prices are also based on a month-to-month basis, so you have the flexibility to stay for as long, or for as little as you likeThe cost of your self storage in Mid North Coast will also be governed by the location of the centre, the size of your unit, and the position within the centreRequest a quote today. 

Tough Security, Easy Access

Secure self storage in Mid North Coast is our top priority, and with this we have multiple techniques to keep your self storage safe. Our reliable security is partnered with 5AM-9PM acess hours, 7 days a week, with 24 hour access available at request. 

Choosing the Right Unit

Figuring out what size unit can prove to be difficult, but luckily National Storage Mid North Coast has developed a Unit Size Guide. By using this guide, we can find the perfect tailored storage solution for you.  Alternatively, contact our helpful sales team on 1300 216 803 and we will find the perfect unit for you. 

More Than Storage

At National Storage Mid North Coast, we supply our customers with a lot more than just storage. We also offer a variety of storage solutions ranging from boxing value packs, to vacuum sealed solutions. Come by one of our centre’s to visit our Box Shop, or simply view it online.