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Business Storage Made Easy

A clutter-free, well-organised workplace can impress clients, reduce stress for your management team, and increase productivity for your entire staff.

  • Create more space for your business to work with
  • Overcome logistical headaches (like inventory overflow)
  • Manage your stock efficiently
  • Handle seasonal fluctuations and other changes in supply/demand
  • Spend more time improving your business (and less time worrying about your business storage space).

What type of business storage are you looking for?

Corporate & Commercial Storage Solutions

If your big brand needs multiple sites for inventory, National Storage can tailor the right business storage solution for you. We have a national footprint across Australia, as well as centres in New Zealand, so we’re ready to expand with your company. Discover how our commercial storage can help your business grow here.

Small Business Storage Solutions

You don’t need to be a national enterprise to reap the rewards of a commercial storage space. Our business storage solutions can be perfectly tailored to businesses of all sizes. And with over 190 centres across Australia and New Zealand, you can bet we’ve learnt how to deliver the right business storage space for any company – large or small.

When you move your files, stock or supplies into a small business storage unit, you’ll enjoy:

  • Knowing your items are being kept in a secure environment with PIN-coded entry and CCTV surveillance
  • Convenient 7 day/week access at most centres
  • Flexible sizing options tailored to your needs and budget (with an easy transition if you ever need to upgrade or downsize)
  • Handy on-site Box Shops with all the storage boxes and packaging supplies you might need
  • Flexible billing and account management options
  • Receive/dispatch services (charges may apply)
  • Access to pallet storage and forklifts.

Australian SMEs have been benefiting from our commercial storage solutions for years. Whatever your needs or circumstances, we know you’ll love storing with us too. Call our friendly business self-storage team today on 1300 216 803, or get a free quote online.

Storage Solutions for Tradies

You know business is going well when your tools don’t fit in your toolbox anymore. And you know business is going really well when not even your garage has enough room for them all.

When your trade business outgrows your home, it’s time to invest in a business storage space.

At National Storage, we’ve got business storage solutions perfect for tradies. Whether you need a convenient base for your operations or a small business storage space for the bulky tools you rarely use, you’ll find the perfect unit at one of our centres.

Some of the great benefits we can offer our trade customers include:

  • Drive-up spaces, so you can easily pick up your stuff and get going
  • Convenient 7 day/week access at most centres
  • Month-by-month arrangement, so you’re not tied into a long-term contract
  • Pallet storage and forklifts
  • Flexible storage options, tailored to your needs and budget (with an easy transition if you ever need to upgrade or downsize)
  • Some units even come with power and shelving, or we can install this for you (talk to us about options and costs)
  • Receive/dispatch services (charges may apply).

Reach out to our expert team today, and we’ll help you discover the right solution for your business. Call us on 1300 216 803, or get a free quote online.

Why choose National Storage for your business storage needs?

We don’t just keep your belongings secure at National Storage – we also offer several features and services that keep our commercial customers coming back.

Excellent Access Hours

Need to access your inventory ASAP? No problem. With 5am-9pm access hours at most centres (and the option of extending to 24/7 access), you can visit your business storage space whenever you need. Your unit acts as an extension of your business, so you can come and go as you please.

Easy Payment

Forget about complicated bills. National Storage provides a simple payment system to make your business storage even easier. Our monthly renewable contract means you’re automatically billed for the next month when your rent expires. You’ll receive your invoice two weeks in advance, so you have plenty of time to give notice should you choose to move out.

Vast Range of Sizes

Every business is different. That’s why we offer a wide selection of storage unit sizes. From 1.5m x 1.5m right up to approximately 3m x 8m, so whether you’re storing a pile of archive boxes or your entire inventory, we have the perfect commercial storage space to suit your needs. We can also upsize or downsize as your business storage needs change.

Stock Dispatch: Handled with Care

In many circumstances, our team can arrange to receive and dispatch your items as required. You and/or your staff will receive SMS or email notifications when deliveries arrive. This means your company will be poised to respond to delivery orders more rapidly and cost-efficiently. If desired, make sure to discuss this with your centre’s staff to check the availability and details of this additional service.

Our Australia-wide coverage makes our receipt/dispatch offer a valuable add-on, especially for businesses with customers throughout the country. Contact us to discuss how National Storage can become the missing piece in your company’s logistical puzzle.

Business Document Storage

Every business has legal obligations to retain records for 7 years (or longer in some cases). Failing to do so can land you in hot water with the ATO. But keeping track of every receipt, invoice and file isn’t as easy as it sounds when you already have limited storage space in your workplace. Whether the archiving responsibility falls on the boss or the intern, it’s easy for documents to get mislabelled or misplaced – and this can lead to a nightmare when the next records review or audit arises.

The solution? Off-site business document storage. Keep your files organised and out of the way in a self-storage unit.

Climate Control

Do you have specific products such as pharmaceuticals, whitegoods, electronics or artworks that need to be stored in certain conditions? National Storage can customise a unit for you that is kept at a particular temperature or humidity level – or both, depending on your requirements. We know a climate-controlled storage space can be hard to find or create in your own workplace, which is why many of our commercial clients are thrilled to learn that we can offer this.

Business Storage FAQs

Why would I rent a business storage unit instead of a warehouse?

A National Storage unit gives you greater flexibility – you won’t be locked into a long-term contract. You can also move up or down in unit size as your business grows or seasonal trends affect your inventory. We can also organise shelving and lighting installation in your storage unit. If desired, discuss this with your centre’s staff to check the availability and details of this additional service.

What if I have a question or issue?

Good news – National Storage centres features numerous on-site staffed offices with a friendly manager who’s always happy to help. We can also be contacted after hours for emergencies.

How secure will my storage unit be?

In a word: extremely. Our centres are only accessible via PIN code entry points, and we also use CCTV cameras to keep an eye on things. Individual units are secured with either a combination lock or padlock – and only you have the key or combination.

Can you help me move my items in/out of my storage unit?

All our centres have mechanical lifting devices (such as forklifts and pallet jacks) to assist with moving items. If you require this, please ask your centre’s staff for availability and other details. If you expect to be moving heavy loads regularly, we recommend mentioning this to our staff when they’re organising your business storage solution.