Bluetooth Smart Access

Some key features and benefits include:

Smartphone App

Download the National Storage Smart Entry app and touch the intuitive icons to open gates, unlock doors, access floors and unlock your unit all in one convenient location. You can also share digital keys, set up fobs, view activity, modify settings, make payments and reach out for assistance.

Mobile Phone Access

Use the app to unlock the external roller doors without the need for a gate code. Simply, locate your unit, follow the arrows, and open your new unit with ease. You can also keep track of who has accessed your storage unit, and when. 

Digital Key Sharing

Instantly share, revoke, track and manage your digital key, enabling access for anyone, anywhere, anytime.

No Gate Code or Key

With mobile phone access, there’s no need for a gate code or key.

Automated Move-Ins

Utilise our contact-free move-in process and book online, select your unit, pay online, receive our move-in email and text message, download the app, receive your digital key and complete the entire on-boarding process in minutes. It’s never been easier!

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