5 Times You’ll Need Storage Throughout Your Life

5 Times You’ll Need Storage Throughout Your Life

Much like a tall husband, storage comes in handy many times throughout life. Whether you’re moving home or taking off on a long-term adventure, your self-storage unit will have your back on several occasions.

1. When You Move Home

Couple Moving Into New House

Moving home can be a nightmare (unless you’ve read this life-saving post, of course). Having a reliable self-storage unit at your disposal during the process will give you one less thing to worry about.

Staging Your Home for Sale

Potential buyers don’t want to see your broken ping pong table or your collection of cat figurines. They want to see your house. Getting your excess stuff out of your home and into a storage unit is a great way to prepare your home for sale. This will leave it looking clean and tidy, as well as making it easier for potential buyers to picture their own stuff in there – increasing your chances of a sale.

During the Move

If you find yourself in between move-out and move-in dates, your furniture will need a temporary place to crash before you can put it in your new home. Enter: self-storage.

A self-storage unit is also perfect for getting your stuff out of your home while you have the carpets professionally cleaned.

Preparing Your New Home

Sometimes there’s more to moving into a new home than picking up the keys and doing a victory nudie run up and down the hallway (what, you don’t do that?). You might like to make a couple of aesthetic changes, like painting the living room or replacing the light fixtures in the kitchen. If this is the case, self-storage can keep your furniture out of the way while you add your finishing touches.

2. When You Renovate

Painting The Living Room

Oh, you bought a beautiful and very expensive new sofa for your home? That’s wonderful! Now picture drops of paint or mounds of sawdust on the upholstery, ruining your purchase forever.

Now that we’ve got your attention, we can’t stress enough how important it is to keep your stuff clear during renovations. Self-storage is great for ensuring your favourite furniture stays clean and safe while you’re painting, sanding, lacquering, whatever-ing.

3. When You Downsize

Mature Couple Downsizing

Moving from a large family house to a smaller home leaves you with less space for your stuff. Self-storage works as an extension of your home so you can hold on to those special items you’re not ready to say goodbye to.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: Downsizing your home doesn’t mean you have to downsize your life.

Can’t fit your lifetime’s worth of collections, memorabilia or childhood trophies in your new place? No problem. Your self-storage unit can keep it all safe until you need it again. (Because you will need it again. Coming 3rd in Grade 8 cross-country is something to brag about.)

4. When You See the World

Man Pulling Suitcase

What’s all your stuff going to do while you’re living it up in Europe, huh? You’re not just going to leave it sitting around in a friend’s carport to collect mould and spider nests, are you? Whether you’re jet-setting off for a few months or a few years, self-storage is the perfect way to keep your stuff safe until you return.

While you may be able to palm off items such as clothes, books and your goldfish to friends or family, you’ll probably need to find somewhere to store your bigger stuff. Renting a self-storage unit will give your furniture somewhere to hang out until you come home.

5. When You Find a New Hobby

Fishing Gear

Suddenly fancy yourself a keen surfer, golfer, fisher or lion-tamer? With a new hobby comes new stuff – stuff that doesn’t always have a place in the home. A storage unit keeps your hobby gear in the one place, so you can access it when you feel like catching some waves, hitting a round, reeling in some fish, or narrowly avoiding losing a limb. Meanwhile, your house stays nice and tidy.

Not unlike an overbearing grandmother, your storage unit is always there for you. It may not bake delicious biscuits for you when you visit, but it would if it could damn it.

Storage is the perfect solution when you’re moving, renovating or travelling – not to mention when you’re running an online business, starting a garage band, or wanting to hide that extensive collection of Channing Tatum posters from your partner. There are endless uses for your self-storage unit, making it a must-have for every stage of your life.

Whatever your reasons for needing a self-storage unit, National Storage has you covered. Discover our affordable, flexible options here and book today.

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