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How To Downsize Your Home Without Downsizing Your Life

How To Downsize Your Home Without Downsizing Your Life

Bigger is not always better, and moving into a smaller home doesn’t mean you have to compromise your quality of life. From having extra funds to play with to spending more time outdoors, downsizing your home presents the perfect opportunity to create a life you love!

If you’re making the transition from a large family home into a smaller abode, embrace the change as a positive. Here’s how you can downsize your home without cramping your style.

Choose a Location That Matches Your Desired Lifestyle

Family Fun On The Beach

Home is where the heart is, so make sure you start your new life somewhere you love. Whether this is close to family and friends or within walking distance of your favourite beach or restaurant, the location of your new home can bring you more happiness than the size.

Use Your Extra Money on Life Expenses

Ready To Travel

Since they typically require less funds for a mortgage/rent, electricity, insurance and general maintenance, smaller homes allow you a little more wiggle room on your week-to-week budget. Take advantage of your newfound financial freedom by treating yourself to enjoyable activities such as wining and dining or attending the theatre – or even taking that trip abroad you’ve always dreamed of!

Use Self-Storage for Precious Possessions You No Longer Have Room For

Stylish Storage Sheds

Moving into a smaller home encourages you to free yourself from the useless belongings you have accumulated over the years. In some cases, there may be special items you are not ready to say goodbye to but can’t justify taking up space in your new home. Self-storage is the perfect solution.

You can store your goods for as long as you require, keeping your belongings safe and secure. You’ll also be able to access them whenever needed. This is ideal for those bulky seasonal items, such as the Christmas lights, sporting equipment, or even the family boat!

Pursue New or Forgotten Hobbies


Remember all of the time and energy you frequently spent cleaning and maintaining your larger house? Well, now you can use it on the more important things! Revisit your favourite pastime or take up a new hobby, and spend your newfound spare time doing the things you actually enjoy.

Get Out of the House

Old-Fashioned Picnic

Even a neat and tidy small home can start to feel cramped if you stay indoors too long. So find fun outside the home! Make plans with local friends or family, or join a social group or two. Having a bit less elbowroom than before won’t bother you at all when you have a full social life to keep you busy.

When you lived in a larger house, you might have felt obliged to spend more time inside. But the real entertainment is outside of those walls. Take time to get out and about, enjoy nature, discover beautiful scenery and meet new people.

Are you preparing to move from a large home to a smaller one? There’s no need to feel nervous about it! Make the most of your cosy new home by following these tips – you really can downsize your home without downsizing your life.

A self-storage unit allows you to create space in your home without getting rid of your excess items for good. Discover our affordable, flexible options here and book today.

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