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10 Ways To Make Moving Easier

10 Ways To Make Moving Easier

Whether you’re moving out for the first time, moving in with your partner, or upgrading to a new home to accommodate a growing family, packing your life into boxes is never an easy feat. Moving into your new home is an exciting adventure, but it doesn’t come without its frustrations.

If you’re in the process of preparing to move your things from one house to another, approaching the task with a few tricks up your sleeve will make the process more efficient – as well as allowing for an easier move-out in the future!

Here are 10 tips to make the move into your new home a smooth transition.

1. Ditch the Junk

Too Much Junk

Avoid carting useless items and unworn clothing with you to your new home. Lighten the load by donating or selling items you no longer have a use for, and make a trip to the garbage dump with anything that is damaged or inoperable.

Clearing out the unnecessary junk will ensure you enter your new home with nothing but the necessities and genuinely valuable possessions. This will help you avoid creating clutter and taking up space in your new cupboards.

2. Protect Fragile Items

Take extra care of your breakables by using the correct protective materials to avoid breakage. Packing gear such as bubble wrap, glass socks, poly foam and packing paper help to keep fragile items safe and secure while in transit to your new home. See our box shop for all of our secure packaging materials and boxes.

3. Label Boxes

Labelling Boxes

Labelling each box as you seal it will help you immensely with the unpacking process. To get the most out of your permanent marker, go into as much detail as possible. What items are in the box? What room should it be placed in and how soon will you need it unpacked? Is there anything fragile inside? If the label doesn’t tell you, you’ll quickly forget! Grab a trusty marker pen here.

4. Wrap Bottles of Liquid with Plastic

The last thing you want after a long, hard day of unpacking is to stumble across a shampoo explosion throughout all your toiletries. Avoid making a mess by wrapping all bottles of liquid in a plastic bag or gladwrap.

5. Keep Essentials Separate

Very rarely does anyone manage to unpack every single box on the first day of moving in. Ensure easy access to essentials such as phone chargers, toothbrushes, toilet paper and medication by packing them in a separate bag or clear box.

6. Get All Hands on Deck

Friends Helping With Packing

Whether you recruit your friends and family or hire the professionals, your packing and moving process will be made easier and faster by sharing the load. Seal the deal with some takeaway and bubbly to celebrate the move-in and show your appreciation to everyone who lent a hand.

7. Keep Track of Your Inventory

Particularly important if you are hiring a moving company, keeping a record of your household items ensures you can take fast action if you notice something is missing. You may even like to keep a spreadsheet of the contents of each box and assign each box a number for easy tracking.

8. Meet Your Neighbours

Friendly New Neighbours

Make nice with the people in your neighbourhood or building. Introduce yourself and inform them of your move-in. And ensure you don’t get off on the wrong foot by blocking someone’s driveway with your moving vehicle!

Not only does a polite introduction help create a friendly neighbourhood. It could also come in handy when you move out again in the future – their helping hands could make a big difference.

9. Take Photos of Your New Home

If you’re renting, remember to take photos of your new home before you start unpacking. This ensures you have proof of the condition of your home when you wish to move out – so any existing imperfections can’t be blamed on you!

10. Keep Things Organised

Nicely Organised Shelves

Don’t spoil your new home by getting sloppy! Find a place for everything and keep your cupboards and drawers organised. Frequent cleanouts are necessary to keep unused junk out and maintain a clear and tidy home. This will make packing for your next move a breeze too!

If you’re looking to make your move as stress-free as possible, our handy hints will have you settling in in no time!

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