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Storage Guide (Fancy Edition!): How To Store Jewellery, Silverware And China

Storage Guide (Fancy Edition!): How To Store Jewellery, Silverware And China

Trying to pack but can’t swing a cat without knocking over your elegant silverware? Not sure how to store your fine china and chandeliers? We hear you.

Moving home is stressful enough without worrying about your fancy stuff getting misplaced or damaged. And because you probably won’t be wearing all your finest jewels or serving tea from your expensive china set while relocating, it’s a good idea to get your valuables out of the way, safe and sound, before you start with the rest of your belongings.

Learn how to keep your jewellery, china and silverware in top condition during storage with these tips.

Did you know? Many of our centres feature both 24/7 CCTV and PIN code entry, and we can also offer insurance for your stored items. Now that’s some good ol’ fashioned peace of mind!


How to Store Jewellery

Dog with necklaces - jewellery storage

Clean Your Pieces

You’ll want to give your jewellery a good clean before you place them into storage. You can have them cleaned by professionals or use a jewellery cleaner or DIY solution out of household items.

Keep Them Separate

You don’t want to see what happens when you leave a necklace and a brooch together (it’s a bloodbath, we tell you!). Keep each item separate using acid-free tissue paper, untreated cotton, or raw silk to avoid rubbing and scratching.

Helpful tip: You can find acid-free tissue paper in our box shop right here!

Stick Them on a Cushion or Board

Pins, brooches and earrings can be stuck into a cushion or board to avoid movement and damage.

Hang Chains on Hooks

Say no to knots and hang your chains and necklaces on hooks, or keep them in the box they came in.

Avoid Chemicals

Protect your jewellery with acid-free tissue paper and avoid any chemically treated or acidic materials like paper, cardboard, plastic, and some kinds of timber.

Stay Cool

Direct sunlight, high temperatures and humidity can all damage your jewellery. Heat can even cause discolouration to your metals and stones. Keep your pieces in a cool, dry place.


How to Store Silverware

Give Them a Polish

Polish up your silverware and flatware using a special cleaner or cheeky DIY silver polish concoction. Be sure to dry them thoroughly before wrapping.

Wrap Them Separately

Protect your silverware by wrapping each item separately using tarnish-proof or silver cloth.

Tip: You can buy tarnish-proof cloth pretty cheap from eBay.

Stay Airtight

Air exposure can lead to tarnishing. Keep your silverware in airtight bags to keep the air out.

Avoid Chemicals

Chemically treated materials are a big no-no. Steer clear of plastic bags, foil, wood, newspaper, rubber bands, and other acidic items that can cause stains.

Stay Dark and Dry

Sunlight and humidity don’t play nice with silverware. Play it safe and choose a storage unit with climate control to avoid tarnishing.


How to Store China

Puppy in teacup - china storage

Invest in Some Bubble Wrap

Wrap each item individually using bubble wrap or packing paper to avoid damage from knocks and bumps. If you’re needing bubble wrap, grab some from our box shop here.

Keep Things on Their Side here

If you stack your plates like pancakes, they’ll be more vulnerable to breakage. The edges of plates, saucers and bowls are stronger than the centre, so be sure to stack them on their side, not in a pile.

Keep Stacks Small

Over-packing boxes of china will increase the risk of breakage, and it’ll make your boxes trickier to carry. Keep stacks small and fill any excess space in boxes with bubble wrap.

Label Everything

Unwrapping your china on the hunt for a specific item will increase the risk of damage. Be sure to label your boxes with a marker pen so you can find what you’re looking for without rummaging through boxes.


Now your fancy stuff is taken care of, keep your valuable electronics safe during storage with these tips.


Store your jewellery, silverware and china with National Storage. Discover our affordable, flexible options here and book today. Otherwise, pack your China with quality packaging materials from our box shop.

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