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Storage Guide (Electronics Edition!): How To Store Computers, TVs And Sound Systems

Storage Guide (Electronics Edition!): How To Store Computers, TVs And Sound Systems

Downsizing your home and need somewhere to keep that spare TV? Or hopping on a plane and want to keep your valuables safe while you’re away?

Whether you’re moving, travelling or trying to reduce your tech time, a self-storage unit is the perfect temporary home for your electronics.

From your computer to your speakers, your electronics are an investment you surely want to protect. Keep them in top condition by properly preparing them for storage. We’ll show you how.


How to Store a Computer

Laptop storage

Back It Up

Don’t risk having your special photos, favourite music or important documents lost forever. Save your stuff to an external hard drive or a server, like the iCloud, before putting your computer into storage. You may even like to back up your data in several different locations, just to be on the safe side.

Protect Your Privacy

You might like to clear your cookies and browser history for extra security while your computer or laptop is in storage. While only you have a key to your National Storage unit, you may feel better knowing your prolific history of watching dog videos on YouTube will remain secret.

Remove Any Discs

Be sure to eject any CDs or DVDs from the disc drive before placing your device into storage. Leaving these inside can cause the discs to warp in high temperatures, and this can also damage the disc drive.

Unplug Everything

Remove any detachable cords from your computer and keep them in a bag with your computer so nothing gets lost.

Cover Your Computer

If you’ve still got the original packaging, that’s great. If not, a sheet will do for protecting your computer from dust.

Whatever you do, don’t cover your computer with plastic; this can trap moisture and cause mould and mildew. Gross.

Keep It off the Ground

Store your computer off the ground on a table or other surface.

Keep It Cool

Extreme temperatures can lead to damage. Store your computer in a climate-controlled storage unit to be on the safe side.


How to Store a TV

TV storage

Clean It

Remove any dust with a duster or microfibre cloth. Get into all those nooks and crannies to make sure there’s no build-up of dust and dirt in the air vents or electronics.

Remove the Stand

If your TV has a stand, remove it. The last thing you need is your TV stand giving way, leaving your TV screen in several pieces.

Stay Upright

You may like sleeping on your stomach, but your TV, much like a horse, would prefer to sleep upright. Never lay your TV flat or put pressure on the screen.

Stay Protected

Nothing will keep your television safer than the original packaging (you know, all those bits of Styrofoam you hopefully kept in the garage when you first bought your TV).

If you threw them out, towels or blankets make a good substitute, or you could get some packing paper and bubble-wrap from the Box Shop.

Avoid Extreme Temperatures

Heat and humidity can mess with your TV’s electronic components, while cold conditions can cause warping. Opt for a climate-controlled storage unit to keep your TV in top condition.


How to Store Sound Systems

Speaker Storage

Ditch the Dust

Use a vacuum to gently remove dust from inside your speakers, and use a slightly damp microfibre cloth to remove build-up on the grills.

Canned air is also a thing, apparently. Grab an air duster from a hi-fi or audio store and use it to remove dust from inside your speaker grills.

Disconnect Cords

Unplug any detachable cords and keep them with your sound system in a zip-lock bag.

Stay Above Ground

Keep your speakers on a table off the ground to avoid dust.

Stay Comfortable

Extreme temperatures don’t play nice with the electronics or grills on your sound systems. Keep them comfortable in a climate-controlled storage unit.


Now keep your musical equipment safe during storage with these tips. Because we support your rock-star dreams, even if your wet blanket of a partner doesn’t.


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