Storage Love Stories: Valentine’s Day

On the most romantic day of the year, it's only fitting that we tell our favourite staff love stories.

Storage Love Stories: Valentine’s Day

They say you can find love in the most unlikely of places. This is proven true by two of our favourite National Storage couples who fell in love right here in the office. Read their love stories and brighten up your Valentine’s Day below.

Andrew and Chloe

Introducing Andrew and Chloe. Now Senior and State Managers in our New Zealand team, Andrew and Chloe’s love story dates back over a decade – 14 years to be precise, when they met at work. We sat down with Chloe to get all the lovey-dovey details.

“I met Andrew in 2007 when we were both Assistant Managers in Eastern Perth centres.

He was nice, but we rarely spoke. Within my first year, we had both been promoted to Centre Manager (at Cockburn and Rockingham respectively). Being the nearest centre to me, we initially wrote a lot of long-winded, professional emails regarding ideas to get people in the door. Over time, we became friends. But both of us were in relationships.

After his then engagement ended, he decided to move to the UK. Against our better judgement, we spent a lot on phone bills texting and talking. I remember paying a psychic to ask if I would ever see him again. Her exact words: ‘Nope! He’s on a new path and won’t touch Australian shores once more!’

He came home after four months, and he came back to work at our Subiaco centre. We were officially together in 2009. Despite only having just bought a house in Perth, we moved to New Zealand in 2016 to help expand National Storage NZ and so I could spend time with my family.

We will celebrate our 7th wedding anniversary in April 2021.”

Anthony and Vanessa 

Next up, Anthony and Vanessa. 16 years in the making, Vanessa and Ant have a beautiful story to tell. Now a Corporate Accounts Manager, Anthony reflects back on how he met his true love while donning the yellow and black.

“National Storage has been part of our married life since the beginning.

I was running the Fortitude Valley centre when I proposed to Vanessa on top of the Kangaroo Point cliffs. The sky instantly lit up with fireworks! Who knew it was Buddha’s birthday? But that didn’t stop me claiming precise planning and timing for the proposal! Of course, Vanessa let me know that I was full of it, but maybe it was an omen because we’re celebrating our 16th anniversary on the 12th of February.

We’ve worked together for many years. Vanessa has worked as a casual, part-time and now full time. It’s been great to have the flexibility that National Storage offers to manage our working life around kids!

Working together isn’t for everyone and it has it’s challenges (especially when I was her boss) but all in all, we love it!

Vanessa manages the Kawana Waters site these days and I work on Corporate Accounts from the back office. While not working directly together we still get to interact on a professional level every day and I think this only strengthens our personal relationship.

It also helps if you’re lucky enough to marry your best mate!”

All is well in love and storage. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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