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Happy Mother’s Day to our National Storage mums

Meet some of the working mums from our Support Office

Happy Mother’s Day to our National Storage mums
Happy Mother’s Day!

Here at National Storage, we have always placed great value on our team being able to balance a healthy work/home lifestyle.

Starting a family and being able to put family first are two things we are proud to support.

So, in celebration of this year’s Mother’s Day, we asked some of the mums in our Support Office in Brisbane about their experience of being a working mum here at National Storage.

Happy Mother's Day 2022

What is it like being a working mum at NS?

Anna (pictured above) has worked at National Storage for nearly six years, and is a proud mum to Tilly, 2, with another baby on the way.

When asked what she likes best about being a mum while working at National Storage, Anna said, “Family comes first and that is always respected.”

Another mum from our Support Office, Aimee, mother to Amelia, 4, spoke similarly about National Storage’s approach to supporting working mums.

She said, “I get to work for a company that is understanding of my being a mum, and that that is my #1 priority over anything. I am also blessed with a boss who is supportive of my role as a mother and is both approachable and sympathetic to anything that may see me needing to take time away from my job to be there for my daughter.”

Monica, mother to Maible, 10, Arthur, 8, and Florence, 6, adds, “It’s easy to be a working mum at National Storage.” She also says that her children especially love their trip to the Support Office around Christmas time to look at all the office decorations.


How do you balance your work and home life?

On the matter of how the working mums at National Storage manage to balance their work and home lives, our interviews revealed some delightful pieces of advice and insight.

Emily has worked for National Storage for nearly two years, and has two children – Harper, 10, and Leo, 6. She says that trying to balance work and being a mother is a constant juggle, but that the reward of watching her children’s personalities develop and seeing them succeed and be proud of themselves makes all the juggling worth it.

“Having extended family support nearby also really helps,” say Anna. “It’s impossible to get the balance right all the time and there will be swings and roundabouts, so we just try and take it day by day.”

And Aimee adds, “Setting boundaries of start and finish times to ensure Amelia has my full and undivided attention when I’m with her,” is highly important when managing the balancing act that is being a working mum.

Summing things up nicely, Monica explains that she is able to maintain a work/life balance with the help of a very supportive workplace. Continuing on to say, “It also helps when there’s plenty of working mums around the office – there’s always someone to vent to!”


Thank you to all of our NS mums for sharing their stories! We look forward to continuing our support of your roles as both mothers and team members here at National Storage, and watching your little ones grow.



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