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Happy Father’s Day to our National Storage dads

Meet some of the working dads from our Support Office

Happy Father’s Day to our National Storage dads
Happy Father’s Day!

We have many working dads in our Support Office and across all our National Storage centres throughout Australia and New Zealand. As a family-oriented company, we love to hear from our team about their unique journeys as parents and carers, and how they juggle a work/life balance.

This Father’s Day, we reached out to some of the dads in our Support Office, to ask them about their journey as fathers and what they will be doing to celebrate Father’s Day in 2022. Here’s what they had to say.

Scott from our Finance team became a dad in 2014, when his son Lincoln was born. Spencer then joined the family in 2017.

“Going to places and experiencing things with my kids that I did with my own parents when I was a kid is really special,” says Scott, when asked what he loves about being a dad.

A couple of hours of father-son tennis and a BBQ with the extended family are on the cards for Scott this Father’s Day. He’ll also try to sneak in a drive-by past the billboard across the road from the Shafston Hotel – where he and son Lincoln were featured in a Mater Father’s Day campaign in 2014. The billboard featuring the father/son duo no longer stands, but Scott mentions Lincoln still enjoys sharing this story, claiming it as his first celebrity moment.

Scott’s proud dad moments include Lincoln’s first goal in a soccer game, where he immediately searched for dad in the crowd to make sure he didn’t miss it, and Spencer learning to ride a bike, albeit with the training wheels still firmly affixed.

Alan from our Contact Centre was also kind enough to share some stories about his experience as a father to three beautiful girls – Chloe, 4, Millie, 3, and Freya, 1.

Still feeling like a novice to the fatherhood-fold, Alan hasn’t cemented any Father’s Day traditions into his yearly routine quite yet. This year, his plans will no doubt be business as usual – cooking breakfast, cleaning up after the kids, and playing with dolls.

Proud of his children for many reasons, Alan expressed he is especially proud of the way his children have so quickly learnt how to swim. “Chloe and Millie can swim full lengths and dive down to get things from the bottom of the pool. It’s amazing!”

Upon further discussion of his favourite things about being a dad, Alan said that his 5am morning cuddles with his two eldest daughters are the “best thing ever.”

We thank Scott and Alan for sharing their stories with us, and wish them, along with all our other National Storage dads, a very happy Father’s Day.

It would be remiss of us to exclude a classic dad joke, so here is Alan’s favourite:

“Dad, can you put my shoes on?”

“No, I don’t think they’ll fit me.”


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