Moving To Hobart: Pros And Cons

Moving To Hobart: Pros And Cons

Known for its natural beauty and laidback locals, it’s no wonder more and more people are planting their roots in Hobart.

Thinking about making Hobart your new home? We’ve got everything you need to know about Tasmania’s capital.

Hobart City

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Living in Hobart: Pros and Cons

Think Hobart is all pretty trees and convict sites? Think again. Read up on the pros and cons of Hobart right here.

Pro: Houses are cheap

Tasmania offers the most affordable housing in Australia. In fact, a study has shown the price of one house in Sydney could get you two in Hobart. If you’re worried about renting for the rest of your life, moving to Hobart could make your dreams of becoming a home-owner come true.

Con: It’s a little detached from the rest of the country (literally)

As an island, Tassie can feel a little isolated at times. Sure, it’s just a short plane ride, but it takes planning and money to make a trip to the mainland. If your favourite band is touring the country or your footy team makes the grand final, it can be a bit of a pain not being able to jump in the car and drive interstate.

Pro: It’s as pretty as a postcard

Seriously, if you’re into breathtaking landscapes and natural beauty, pack your camera and move to picturesque Hobart. This place is home to some of the most stunning scenery in the country, with plenty of photo opportunities everywhere you turn.

View of Hobart from Mt Wellington

Con: It can be tough to get a job

Hobart isn’t exactly known for its career opportunities. Like with any new city, we recommend securing a job before you make the move.

Pro: The laidback culture

Things are a little slower in Hobart. Known for its friendly locals, this city has more of a country town feel. You can also look forward to fewer traffic jams than in other capital cities.


Best Hobart Suburbs to Live In

Hobart Suburbia

Whether you want to be on the water or in the mountains, Hobart is filled with beautiful suburbs to plant your roots.

Sandy Bay – Inner Suburb

Situated just south of the CBD, Sandy Bay is close to everything. It offers a mix of beautiful old and newer homes, and is home to buzzing restaurants and boutiques. It’s also within walking distance to the University of Tasmania, primary and high schools, and the Salamanca markets.

West Hobart – Inner Suburb

Want to make the most of city life without the noise and endless concrete? West Hobart is your quiet, leafy refuge, just minutes from the CBD. It has everything you need, from restaurants and grocery stores to primary and secondary schools. West Hobart is home to many professionals thanks to its proximity to the city.

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Tolmans Hill – South Hobart

Leafy Tolmans Hill gives you some of the best views in the city. Surrounded by beautiful bushland, this quiet suburb is your picture-perfect escape. Just 5km from the CBD, Tolmans Hill offers the best of both worlds. It’s also close to several schools, making it a great option for families.

Blackmans Bay – South Hobart

This beachside suburb is just 15 minutes from the CBD. Most homes are just minutes from the beach and the shopping centre. Blackmans Bay offers all the convenience of suburban living with the beauty of nature. It also offers three primary schools.

New Town – North Hobart

Contrary to its name, New Town is one of the oldest Suburbs in Hobart. Dotted with stunning cottage-style homes, this friendly neighbourhood is filled with charm and character. It’s also home to several schools, a shopping centre, and speciality boutiques. New Town is just 4km north of the CBD. New Town is just 1km away from our Moonah storage centre which makes it ideal for keeping your goods secure while transition to the laid back life of Hobart.

Seven Mile Beach – East Hobart

Just 15 minutes from the CBD, Seven Mile Beach offers a laidback seaside lifestyle. The beach itself is arguably one of the best in Hobart, while the friendly locals and village feel make Seven Mile Beach a welcoming suburb. It’s also just five minutes from the airport.


Moving to Hobart from Other Cities

Moving Interstate

Living in Tasmania’s quaint capital may take a bit of adjusting depending on where you’re coming from.

Moving from Brisbane to Hobart

  • Journey time: 2hr 50min flight
  • Brisbane to Hobart removalist cost: $5,535 – $6,335
  • Housing costs: The median price of a house in Hobart is $58,150 more affordable than the median price of a house in Brisbane ($426,850 vs. $485,000)
  • Rent: Renting in Hobart is roughly $45 more affordable than renting in Brisbane ($365 vs. $410 median weekly rent)
  • What you’ll miss from Brisbane: The weather
  • What you’ll love about Hobart: The culture

Moving from Melbourne to Hobart

  • Journey time: 1hr 15min flight
  • Melbourne to Gold Coast removalist cost: $4,000 – $5,600
  • Housing costs: The median price of a house in Hobart is $226,150 more affordable than the median price of a house in Melbourne ($426,850 vs. $653,000)
  • Rent: Renting in Hobart is roughly $65 more affordable than renting in Melbourne ($365 vs. $430 median weekly rent)
  • What you’ll miss from Melbourne: The fashion
  • What you’ll love about Hobart: The natural beauty

Moving from Sydney to Hobart

  • Journey time: 1hr 55min flight
  • Melbourne to Gold Coast removalist cost: $4,750 – $6,650
  • Housing costs: The median price of a house in Hobart is $388,150 more affordable than the median price of a house in Sydney ($426,850 vs. $815,000)
  • Rent: Renting in Hobart is roughly $175 more affordable than renting in Sydney ($365 vs. $540 median weekly rent)
  • What you’ll miss from Sydney: The nightlife
  • What you’ll love about Hobart: The friendly locals

Removalist costs are based on the average cost of moving the contents of a 3-bedroom home. Prices will vary depending on your needs.

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Hobart’s Dining Scene

Wining and dining in Hobart

Some might argue there’s not much going on in Hobart compared to other capitals like Sydney and Melbourne. But Hobart’s bar and dining scene is just as booming. Here you’ll find tasty takeaway, traditional pubs, trendy bars, and more.

Salamanca Place – Battery Point, Hobart

Whether you’re in the mood for traditional Italian, fresh seafood, or hearty pub grub, Salamanca Place is your one-stop spot for good food and good times. Lined with restaurants and bars, it offers a diverse range of cuisines for every budget, along with a relaxed nightlife with views of the Derwent River. And of course, it’s right near the famous Salamanca Market, where you can pick up your fresh produce every Saturday.

North Hobart Precinct – Elizabeth St, Hobart

Not sure what you’re in the mood for? Wander through North Hobart Precinct and you’re sure to find something to satisfy your tastebuds. Known as Hobart’s premier eating and entertainment zone, here you’ll find endless options for every meal, from fresh Asian fare to local food and beverages.


Culture in Hobart

Theatre audience Hobart

Tasmania’s capital is bursting with culture. From its world-famous museum to performing arts, “sleepy” Hobart offers more than meets the eye.

Museum of Old and New Art (MONA) – 655 Main Rd, Berriedale

A world of its own, it’s no wonder people visit Tassie just to spend a day wandering around MONA. Exhibiting over 400 antiquities and modern and contemporary art pieces from the David Walsh collection, MONA is truly an experience like no other. It also allows you to eat and drink (yay!) at the onsite Moorilla winery, Source Restaurant, bars, and café.

Theatre Royal – 29 Campbell Street, Hobart

Australia’s oldest working theatre, the Theatre Royal is host to an exciting annual program including contemporary text, traditional drama, dance, circus, multi-media, opera, contemporary music, music theatre, comedy and more.

Peacock Theatre – Salamanca Arts Centre, Battery Point

One of the city’s most popular venues, the Peacock Theatre is on the ground floor of the Salamanca Arts Centre. It features live music, theatre, dance, and more, and seats up to 150 people.


Hobart’s Climate

Sunny day in Hobart

Hobart’s four seasons are pretty distinctive. This guide will help you prepare for the temperature and rainfall throughout the year.


January and February are the driest months of the year, and the beaches are finally warm enough to take a dip. Average temperatures in Hobart during summer range from 11.5 – 21°C, but summer days regularly rise above 25°C and beyond.


Autumn in Hobart is calm and sunny, and the city is sprinkled with beautiful red and yellow trees. Average temperatures range between 9 – 17.5°C.


Things can get pretty cold and windy in Hobart during winter. Average daily temperatures range from 5 – 12.5°C, and Mount Wellington is dotted with snow.


Spring welcomes the most rainfall in Hobart (though the city is Australia’s second-driest capital city), and average temperatures range from 7.5 – 17°C.


Getting Around Hobart

Traffic Hobart

Hobart is pretty easy to navigate, and getting where you need to go is simple with its public transport system. It’s easy enough to walk around the city, but buses and taxis are the most popular way of getting around.


The key bus routes in Hobart take you to and from the CBD and outer suburbs. You can buy a cash ticket or use a Greencard as a rechargeable electronic ticket that you tap on and off when riding.


Taxis in Hobart are aplenty, but busy periods such as New Year’s Eve and during major festivals can make them harder to get.


Hobart’s small rail system is mostly used for cargo and commodities, and doesn’t offer regular passenger services.


Make your move to Hobart a little easier with these 10 tips.

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