Baby Clothes Storage And Organiser Ideas

Baby Clothes Storage And Organiser Ideas

Babies may be small, but they sure do come with a lot of stuff. Especially clothes.

Efficient baby clothes storage is a must for keeping everything in its place – or your little one’s wardrobe can quickly go from cute to chaos.

From bibs and burping towels to singlets and socks, it doesn’t take long for bub to have more outfit changes in a day than Beyoncé in concert.

Keep your baby’s wardrobe tidy and organised with these baby clothes storage ideas. Because you’re busy enough without having to dig through a disorganised heap for your favourite onesie.


Baby Clothes Organiser Ideas

Baby clothes storage in drawers

There are a few key steps to take before you go full-Pinterest and get stuck into the baby clothes organiser ideas, including:

  1. Ensure all items have been washed. This isn’t just an old wives tale – you’ll find ‘wash before wearing’ is printed on most clothing labels. Clothes are generally treated with chemicals and dyes that can cause allergic reactions, so be sure to wash all bub’s clothes to keep their sensitive skin safe.
  2. Sort through sizes. It’s likely you’ve stocked up on and been gifted clothing in a few different sizes for bub to grow into. If something is too small, make a pile to exchange for a larger size, store away for a potential younger sibling, or donate.
  3. Organise by size, type, and season. This is a serious time-saver when you’re in a rush to put an outfit together.


Drawer Organisers

Drawers are perfect for baby clothes storage. Being so tiny, you can fit a lot of baby clothes and accessories into a set of drawers. The only trouble is, drawers can quickly turn into a muddled pile of pastels if you’re not careful.

Enter: drawer organisers.

These bad boys will keep bub’s bibs separate from their beanies, and will prevent any lotions and potions from rolling around willy-nilly.


Baby Wardrobe Dividers

Sectioning your baby’s wardrobe by size, type, and season is easy with wardrobe dividers. All you need is some cardboard from the Newsagency or craft store, some scissors, and a felt pen for labelling.

If you want to get cute, you can use wrapping paper to decorate your dividers, or buy them from a baby store or online.


Additional Closet Rails


When it comes to built-ins, there’s generally a lot of wasted space down below if you’re hanging clothes for tiny humans.

Adding in a second (or third) closet rail doubles your space for hanging clothes. And the best part is, you can just remove the rail when your child gets older and their clothes get longer.


Over-Door Shoe Organisers

Over-the-door shoe hangers are the perfect size for nappies, nappy covers, onesies, and more.

These are especially great if you don’t have much space to work with and want to make the most of every inch you’ve got.

Want more wardrobe inspiration? Check out our article Small Room, Big Wardrobe: Top Tips For Storing Clothes.


Baby Clothes Storage Ideas

Pile of baby clothes

Holding onto onesies your little one no longer fits? Or perhaps you’re looking to keep seasonal clothing out of the way until you need it again?

These baby clothes storage ideas will make sure your little outfits are kept organised, out of the way, and in good condition.

Baby Room Storage

Maximising the space in your baby’s room is easy with the right gear. These are a few of our favourites:

Baby Storage Baskets – Affordable and easy, baby storage baskets are the perfect solution for clothes you’re not reaching for on the regular. You can stack these at the bottom or top of your baby’s closet so they’re easy to access when you do need the contents. Opt for wire baskets so you can see what’s inside and save yourself some hunting.

Baby Storage Box – These are great for the items you know you won’t need for quite some time. Acid-free archive boxes are best for storing fabrics, as plastic boxes can increase the risk of mould and mildew.

Get more handy tips for safely storing fabrics long-term with our article Storage Guide: How To Store Clothes And Fabric.

Vacuum-Sealed Bags – Those little puffer vests and jackets are cute, but they sure take up a lot of space. Store these bulkier clothes in vacuum bags to give yourself some extra space.

See our box shop for storing your goods in sturdy packaging, as well as how much can fit into a packing box here. Now you’ve sorted your baby clothes storage, keep toys organised with these 5 creative ways to organise kids’ toys.


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