Packing Paper – 2.5kgs

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Great for wrapping up all your valuable items. Butchers Paper can also be used to help fill any voids left when packing up your box to help prevent any unnecessary movement.

Approx 110 sheets

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Butchers paper is also referred to as packing paper. This sturdy paper will perfectly protect fragile objects and keep scuff marks at bay. If you plan to store your breakables for an extended time, butchers paper will be a sound option. Another plus is that butchers paper stays in place without tape because it takes on the shape of whatever you are wrapping. A versatile packaging material, butcher paper sheets are ideally suited to wrapping and protecting goods before placing them in a box. You can use paper balls to minimise the movement of objects in the box by filling the gaps. Simply fold it or crunch it to create cushioning and void fill. After the move, you can use the paper balls to clean windows and mirrors in your new place.

Best used for

Ideal for wrapping valuable items and using in boxes to remove unnecessary movement.


What is packing paper?

Packing paper is used for packaging purposes and is an inexpensive way to store goods. It is a strong and reliable wrap and is a great way to protect fragile items when you move. Butcher paper sheets also have unlimited uses around the home. Traditionally used by butchers to wrap fresh meat, it still offers excellent wrapping solutions for edibles and is equally handy for plotting out the week’s dinner ideas. You can use it as a table cover or as a sophisticated gift wrap. This heavy-duty moving paper is also perfect for safely transporting fragile goods.

Why use packing paper?

When you need to move house, butchers paper is suitable for protecting fragile items during transportation. It is versatile and also comes in handy around the home office. Wrap your breakables before putting them in a box. And if you need to keep some items in storage, butchers paper is ideal.

Packing paper vs newspaper:

Newspaper sheets are not ideal for packaging delicate items. The ink can bleed and transfer onto your belongings and ruin them. You might be able to remove it from non-porous surfaces with elbow-grease, soap and hot water. But is this really how you want to start unpacking your move? Instead of washing those plates, you could be looking for the best possible place to put them in your new home.

How to use packing paper:

You can protect breakable items by wrapping them with packing paper, similar to how you would wrap a gift. But you don’t need to use tape to secure it because butchers paper takes on the shape of the item. In between items you use crumpled up pieces of packing paper to limit the movement of breakables in the box. Make sure that you add wadding in the top and bottom of your boxes and consider that they will most likely be stacked when transported, so, don’t leave too much give when you seal up the box.

How much packing paper do I need?

Take stock of what fragile items will need to be wrapped. Consider that some pieces will need to be wrapped in more than one sheet to effectively protect it. Remember to keep in mind that you will need extra sheets for cushioning. Our packing paper (125 sheets / 2.5kg) is ideal for large packing jobs. Once you know how much you need, visit our Box Shop.

Is packing paper acid-free?

Over time, acidic paper tends to become brittle and yellow. This is because the chemical composition of some paper can compromise the longevity of it and items exposed to it. Therefore, it is recommended that packing paper be free of lignin because the breakdown of this compound is what causes the paper to turn acidic. But you can rest assured that our paper is acid-free.

Is butchers paper recyclable?

If there is food residue on the paper, it cannot be recycled but can be composted as part of your carbon-rich, brown layer. This is the layer that includes things like dried leaves, wood chips and straw. Another great use is to stuff stored boots and shoes with paper balls to help maintain their shape. Or reuse butchers paper and line the bottom of the kitchen bin to absorb odours.


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