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Corrugated Cardboard

Can be purchased in 1 metre allotments.


Width: 120mm

Length: 920mm

Height: 1550mm

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Buy Corrugated Cardboard Online

Corrugated cardboard has been around since the nineteenth century, and it was originally used inside top hats to make them more durable. Nowadays, corrugated cardboard is a popular paper product used to protect items – perfect for moving or storage purposes. What sets corrugated cardboard apart from normal cardboard is that rippled layer you see. This effect is created during the production process by crimping and glueing one of the paper layers. Corrugated cardboard can be lined on both sides of the fluted layer to create a rigid material. When only one side is lined, it creates a very flexible sheet that is typically supplied on rolls. The fluting visible on the one side is what acts as a cushion, making corrugated cardboard packaging an inexpensive way to protect things when you move.


What is corrugated cardboard used for?

Corrugated cardboard is commonly used for the general wrapping and protection of goods. Big enough to wrap large pieces, it can protect furniture and appliances from ugly dings and abrasions. Corrugated cardboard sheeting is also a great alternative to bubble wrap. Small strips of corrugated card can be used inside a box to protect and divide objects. Lay down pieces of corrugated cardboard sheeting to avoid damage to floors during your move. This is also a great way to combat dirty floors in high-traffic areas!

Is corrugated cardboard strong?

Yes, corrugated cardboard is strong. The wave that is created, by crimping and glueing one of the layers, introduces a new geometry to the structure which gives it integrity. A final product’s strength is determined by factors like what adhesive holds the flutes in place, as well as the size of the corrugations.

How corrugated cardboard works:

Corrugated cardboard is a blended structure that combines flat layers with furrowed layers. Many boxes are made of corrugated cardboard packaging because it is so strong and inexpensive. When one side of the packing cardboard is flat and the other side fluted, it creates a very flexible material known as single-wall corrugated sheets. The parallel columns on the corrugated side act as cushioning and absorb knocks and bumps.

How to cut corrugated cardboard:

To cut your corrugated paper down to a useful size, you will need something sharp. Kitchen knives are not recommended as cardboard can blunt the edges rapidly. A utility knife is best as they have sharp, replaceable blades. The grooves on the single-face cardboard can help to guide your blade. Use caution when cutting corrugated card and always aim the cutting edge away from yourself as you cut.

Corrugated cardboard vs cardboard

Cardboard is a paper product that consists of layered paper. Corrugated card is different from normal cardboard and can be identified by a distinct undulated layer. This layer is sandwiched between two liners to create a stiff board.

Is corrugated cardboard recyclable?

Yes. It is pretty easy to recycle corrugated cardboard if it is clean. Contaminated cardboard can be used in the garden. The easiest way is to compost it, but you can also use it to control the growth of weeds in your garden. Simply cover the problem area with pieces of cardboard and add water to keep it in place. The cardboard shades the soil and chokes out any emerging weeds. Corrugated cardboard is also a great way to mulch your garden.

Where to buy corrugated cardboard sheets:

We sell corrugated cardboard by the metre so you can buy the amount you need. Visit our Box Shop to order yours online.