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Where To Travel In 2019

Where To Travel In 2019

Another year, another overseas adventure?

If you’re planning to whip out the passport in 2019, you’ll want to have the lowdown on the best places to travel.

Stop wondering where your wanderlust will take you next and decide where to travel with our list of must-see overseas destinations for 2019 (and a little help from the World Travel Awards).



Portugal travel tips

Move over, Amalfi Coast – there’s a new European coastal hotspot topping our bucket lists. Neighboured by Spain and the Atlantic Ocean, Portugal is fast becoming a top destination for every Euro trip.

Portugal offers a vibrant culture, delicious local fare, and picturesque scenery – all with a cheaper price tag than Spain. In fact, Portugal is one of Europe’s most appealing budget destinations, and was named the continent’s leading destination for 2018 by the World Travel Awards.

Must Do:

  • Enjoy fresh seafood and port in Porto.
  • Climb the steps of Bom Jesus do Monte in Braga.
  • Visit the island of Madeira for some seriously Insta-worthy snaps.

Best For: Wandering cobblestone streets, lazing by the beach, and indulging in food and drink. Saúde!



Chile travel tips

Saddle up for an exotic escape to South America! Teeming with natural beauty, hospitable locals, and a fascinating history, Chile offers unique adventures for every type of traveller.

It’s no surprise this mountainside metropolis won the World Travel Awards’ award for South America’s Leading Adventure Tourism Destination in 2018. From dry deserts to lush forests, from towering volcanoes to postcard-perfect lakes, Chile is truly a one-of-a-kind destination with more to see and do than you can poke a stick at.

Must Do:

  • Explore sacred temples and ancient ruins on Easter Island.
  • Relax in the natural Colina hot springs in the Andes Mountains.
  • Marvel at the breathtaking views from a cable car in the Santiago Metropolitan Park.

Best For: Outdoor activities, landscape photography, and historical architecture and ruins.



Philippines travel tips

Winning the World Travel Awards’ spot for Asia’s Leading Beach Destination in 2018, a holiday in the Philippines is sure to put a swing in your step.

With its friendly locals, laidback lifestyle, and affordable luxuries, there’s never been a better time to book your seaside escape and get some sand between your toes. There’s more to the Philippines than white sand and turquoise waters, too. There are mountains to climb, ancient ruins to explore, and street food to devour – all for a budget-friendly price tag.

Must Do:

  • Swim with sea turtles off Apo Island.
  • Visit 2000-year-old rice terraces in Nothern Luzón.
  • Get a relaxing massage on the beach at Boracay Island.

Best For: Island hopping, snorkelling and diving, and nights out on the town.



Jamaica travel tips

A sun-soaked exploit in the Caribbean is atop many a globetrotter’s travel list. Wish its lush rainforests, reef-lined beaches, and world-renowned snorkelling and diving sites, who wouldn’t want to buy a ticket to Jamaica?

The World Travel Awards awarded this vibrant Caribbean island plenty of titles in 2018, including the Caribbean’s Leading Destination – and we can see why it came out on top.

Must Do:

  • Hike the Blue Mountain Peak for panoramic views.
  • Swim in the glowing blue waters of Luminous Lagoon.
  • Go zip-lining through rainforest canopies.

Best For: Beachside relaxing, outdoor activities, and snorkelling and diving.


Wherever you’re off to, be sure to check Smart Traveller for any safety cautions and travel advice.

Once you’ve chosen where to travel, you’ll need to pack appropriately. Our ultimate packing guide has everything you need to prepare for your next adventure.


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