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Vinyl Record Storage Ideas

Vinyl Record Storage Ideas

Even with the convenience and affordability of online music streaming, more and more people are opting to own their favourite albums on vinyl.

Vinyl record sales in Australia have seriously skyrocketed in recent years, with an increase of almost 20% in 2017.

If you’re among the many that spend Saturdays flipping through titles in the hopes of striking gold with that special release from The Beatles or Led Zeppelin (or Taylor Swift – we’re not here to judge), you’ll want to nail your vinyl record storage to ensure your collection stays in top nick.

Keep your titles in good condition with our tips on how to store vinyl safely, and show off your collection in style with our favourite record storage ideas.


How to Store Vinyl Records

Vinyl record storage ideas

All our audiophiles out there know proper record album storage is essential for ensuring your records are ready to rock and roll for many years to come.

Vinyl record storage takes a little TLC, from how to handle your albums to what kind of environment they should be kept in.

Handling Vinyl Records

Hands Off – Try not to touch your record’s playing surface. The oils from your fingers can stick to the surface and attract dust, which can mess with the sound quality. Always hold your records by their outer edges.

Record-Specific Cleaners Only – If you accidentally touch your record’s playing surface, avoid the urge to wipe it clean with your t-shirt or a tea towel as these can cause scratching. Invest in a special record cleaning brush or cloth instead. The same goes for liquid cleaners; only use products that are specifically labelled as vinyl record cleaners, as other chemicals may cause damage.

Use Protection – Plastic record sleeves protect your vinyl records while in storage. Some second-hand records may be missing their original sleeves, so it’s best to be prepared and buy some at a music store just in case.

Keep Records Vertical

The last thing you want to do to your record albums while in storage is to stack them horizontally, as this can cause warping and scratching. Upright and on edge is the way to go when it comes to vinyl record storage.

Keep Vinyl Records Cool and Dry

You’re not the only one who suffers in the heat. High temperatures, humidity, and light exposure can put your records – and their covers – at risk of damage. If you’re storing a collection for a lengthy period, you may want to consider a climate-controlled storage unit to guarantee the ideal conditions for your vinyl record storage.

Musos: Check out our previous guide to storing your musical instruments and memorabilia.


4 Vinyl Record Storage Ideas

Vinyl records on shelf

Vinyl records aren’t just great for the ears – they’re also a treat for the eyes, adding a retro-cool aesthetic to any space.

If you’re looking for a unique way to display your collection for instant cool cred, you’ll love these 4 funky vinyl storage ideas.

1. Floating Shelves

Wall storage for vinyl records

Image credit: buzzfeed.com

We love wall storage for vinyl records. What better way to show off your favourite titles than to turn them into a piece of art? This rockin’ feature wall can easily be created with floating shelves. Extra points for displaying your most artsy covers.

2. Cube Storage

Image credit: imgrez.com

Speaking of wall storage for vinyl records, this floor-to-ceiling cube storage is giving us serious vinyl record storage envy. That’s one music library we wouldn’t mind getting lost in. Can you say record collection goals?

3. Peekaboo Drawers

Record storage ideas - drawers

Image credit: homedit.com

This cabinet with half-drawers allows you to keep your records organised and out of the way without keeping them hidden. We love this tidy look that still lets you show off your favourite album covers.

4. Wire Rack

Image credit: buzzfeed.com

This minimalist vinyl record storage is perfect for making the most of a smaller space. If you’ve got a modest vinyl collection and a compact record player, this simple wire rack offers a chic solution for creating a designated space to spin your tunes.

If you’re needing your collection to be out of site in the interim, or just needing a hand storing your vinyl, see our wide-ranging box shop.

Keep your prized collection in perfect nick with vinyl record storage from National Storage. We offer climate-controlled self-storage units to keep your vinyl spinning strong. Get in touch to find out more or visit your nearest National Storage centre today.

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