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Top 5 Things That Hate Humidity More Than Your Hair

Top 5 Things That Hate Humidity More Than Your Hair

To some, summer days are all about enjoying the sunshine and the surf. To others, they’re all about fighting humidity and dodging a bad hair day.

If you think your hair and humidity don’t mix, prepare to be suitably shocked and appalled by the effects of high (and low) humidity on some of your most loved possessions (and yes, your wine collection made the list).


1. Wine

Wine storage

You enjoy wine, right? Wine has never done anything to you (other than inflict the odd hangover), right? Then why would you want to leave it to suffer at the hands of dreaded humidity?

Now, it’s not just high humidity that can affect your wine. Sure, humidity that’s too high can cause mould and damage to your wine bottles’ labels (particularly upsetting if it’s a special bottle). But humidity that’s too low can also cause issues for your delicious drop. Low humidity can cause the cork to crack, allowing air to seep into the bottle, oxidising the wine and completely changing its flavour.

Maintaining a stable humidity level and temperature is crucial for preserving your wine’s condition. So don’t go storing your best bottles in the garage, OK?

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2. Leather Furniture

Leather furniture storage

High humidity can take its toll on your leather furniture. Because leather is extremely porous, it absorbs the moisture in the air, which can lead to mould and mildew. And your leather furniture deserves better than that. In fact, so do your leather jacket, leather handbag, and leather shoes.

Much like wine, it’s not just high levels of humidity that can damage your leather goods. Low levels of humidity can cause your leather to dry out and crack, like your lips on a cold, windy day. Not a nice feeling, is it? Your leather doesn’t like it, either.


3. Vinyl Records

Vinyl record storage

Humidity and heat go hand in hand, and these can leave your records warped and useless. High levels of humidity can also cause damage to the covers of your records.

If you want to safeguard a future of rocking out to Elvis’s greatest hits, you’ll need to keep your records in a cool place.

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4. Artwork and Photos

Artwork storage

Artwork, whether an expensive investment or a much-loved decoration, needs a little TLC. Precious photographs are the same.

There’s a reason art galleries and museums maintain a controlled environment. Fluctuating temperatures and levels of humidity can cause a canvas to expand and contract, the wood to warp, and the paint to lift from the surface.

Heat and humidity can cause photos to crack, fade, and ripple. So if you want to keep those special memories (or cringey blackmail photos of your sister) in top condition, it’s best to avoid high temperatures and humidity.


5. Computers and Electronics

Electronics storage

Computers, TVs, sound systems and other electronics can suffer in extreme temperatures and humidity. Moisture is a huge no-no if you want to protect your electronics from corrosion and internal damage.


You use anti-frizz serum to protect your hair from humidity, so why not take some precautions to keep your wine, leather, records, art and photos, and electronics safe, too?

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