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10 Surprisingly Valuable Things That Could Be Lying Around Your Home

10 Surprisingly Valuable Things That Could Be Lying Around Your Home

We’ve all got our fair share of random crap lying around the home. But what may seem like useless junk to you could actually be worth a pretty penny to someone else. We would definitely recommend seeing how to clean your garage, you might find even more things to sell!

You’d be surprised by how much some old stuff and rare collectables are going for on eBay these days. It might be time to clean out, sell up, and get some extra pocket money for the things you really want – like bacon.

1. Retro Telephones

Retro Telephones

Ring, ring. Hello? What’s that? You want more money? Selling that old rotary phone from past decades might be a great way to get your bank account climbing.

What’s old is new again, and retro phones are all the rage with the hip kids down at the milk bar (or so we’ve heard).

2. Old Magazines

That box of old magazines could be worth a lot more than you think. Buyers drop a decent buck on rare or iconic issues, whether as a one-off or to add to their vintage collection.

If your downstairs bathroom features a pile of old magazines, we’d suggest trading them in for some coin and finding alternative bathroom reading material.

3. Pokémon Cards

Whether your ‘90s kids have left them behind or you’re a Pikachu fan yourself, parting with your Pokémon cards could have you rolling in cash (or at least fanning yourself proudly with a couple of $50 notes).

Rare cards can go for around $100 a pop these days. Talk about incentive to clear out your kids’ old rooms.

Gotta catch – and sell – ‘em all!

4. Old Cameras

Old Cameras

Holding on to that old camera because it’s too valuable to throw out but you don’t want to splash the cash to get it back in working order? Even if your camera is inoperative, avid photographers and desperate hipsters worldwide go nuts for vintage models.

A great collector’s item, you could expect to get around $400 online for your old camera depending on the brand and model.

5. Rare Coins or Notes

eBay has proven that the amount printed on an old note or coin is not all it’s worth. Rare coins and notes can go for a staggering amount these days, with collectors eager to add more pieces to their albums.

6. Gameboys

As gamers move on to bigger and better things (hello, PS4), the humble Gameboy becomes a forgotten artefact, left to gather dust in boxes and drawers all over the nation.

Before you throw that old Gameboy in the trash, try listing it on eBay instead. Nintendo Gameboys can go for upwards of $100 – more if you include some games. That can buy you the latest Call of Duty and hours of gaming fun. You know, if you’re into that sort of thing.

7. Rare Stamps

Stamp Collector

Stamp collectors are still among us. They pass us in the grocery store. They sit beside us at bus stops. There could be a stamp collector in your home right now. They even have their own fancy name (philatelist).

Imagine being able to pay for your trip to Thailand just by selling some old stamps. And we’re not talking about slumming it in hostels, either. Several rare stamps on eBay are currently going for thousands of dollars, with potential buyers from all over the world keeping a watchful eye on the listing, just waiting to start a bidding war that ends in bloodshed. Or not.

We can’t think of a better reason to hunt down those old stamps you never used because email became a thing.

8. Vintage Furniture

With the youngsters of today trawling second-hand stores to bring retro vibes to their little rentals, it’s time to take advantage of vintage being the in-thing.

Instead of throwing out that old armchair, make an easy buck by selling it online. With vintage furniture coming back in fashion, it’s never been easier to get some cash for those pieces you’ve got stored in your garage. Or, if you just need more space in your garage and can’t part ways just yet, consider a storage unit for your vintage pieces.

9. Old Toys

Old Toys

What did the abacus say when his friend asked him for a favour?

You can count on me.

Clever? Yes. Lame? Absolutely. But what’s not lame is pocketing over $40 for that vintage abacus you’ve got stashed away.

Old toys are a goldmine. An abandoned, dusty goldmine. It seems people are willing to pay more for nostalgia online than brand new toys from the store. The original Furby can go for around $60 a pop on eBay. So, what are you waiting for? Trade in those beloved childhood memories for some cold, hard cash. (But also, it’s OK if you’re too sentimental to evict all your stuffed animal friends in one foul swoop. Don’t push yourself too hard.)

10. Items from the War

Collectors and historians spend hours searching the internet for militaria. If you have items from the war and aren’t quite sure what to do with them, selling them on eBay could be an option.

Selling the things you no longer need is a great way to get cashed up and buy that yacht you’ve been dreaming about. OK, you might not get enough to buy a yacht, but you’ll sure as hell be able to afford some ice cream. And that’s pretty darn good too.

Not sure about selling online? You might prefer to hold a garage sale. Weigh up your choices in this helpful post.

Don’t have space for your valuables but don’t want to get rid of them? It’s time to get a self-storage unit. Discover our affordable, flexible options here and book today.

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