Garage Sale vs. Selling Online (Pros, Cons And Tips)

Looking to make some cash from your clutter? Not sure whether to hold a garage sale or sell your stuff online? Choosing the best way to sell your castoffs could turn your trash into someone else’s treasure – and earn you some decent pocket money in the process.

So, is it time to say goodbye to that hideous doll collection you inherited and hello to a healthier bank account?

Let’s find out!

Selling Online

You can now make cash from just about anything, thanks to online marketplaces like eBay and Gumtree. You’d be amazed by some of the crazy stuff that people put up for sale (like this vampire killing kit for $4,550).

Selling Online

Here’s the good, the bad and the inside scoop on selling online:


  • You’ll have more potential buyers. Listing an item online allows you to reach more people than if you were to place it on a table in your front yard (or in the Trading Post), and it’s usually free to list an item.
  • Niche collectibles are more likely to be sold online. Even the most unusual of items will (probably) find a buyer eventually, thanks to your huge online audience. That weird Power Rangers costume you’ve had since you were a kid? Someone could be searching for it right now.


  • If you use premium (i.e. paid) listings, the cost of advertising can add up, especially if it takes a while for your items to sell.
  • Shipping costs can dissuade from following through with a purchase, particularly with heavy or large items.
  • Selling online requires effort, if you want to stand out and sell fast. From snapping the perfect photos to safely packing and posting items to your buyers, you can expect to spend a good deal of time on each sale.


  • Posting your items on Gumtree is free in most categories. Take advantage of this service to save on extra fees.
  • Sell smaller items such as books, CDs, clothes, and other knickknacks online as opposed to heavy, bulky items. Shipping costs will be smaller, increasing your chances of making a sale.

Garage Sale

A good old-fashioned garage or yard sale is a great way to get rid of excess stuff and suss out your attractive (or creepy) neighbours. This is a good option you’re not so tech-savvy, or if you simply can’t be bothered to hold a day-long photoshoot for all your old stuff.

Garage Sale Clothes

Take a look at the following pros, cons and handy hints to make the most of your garage sale here:


  • A hands-on shopping experience can make a sale. Some people prefer the sensory experience of buying something in person. Holding a garage sale allows potential customers to feel an item and inspect its condition before they make a purchase. Plus, you can woo (or pressure) them into making a sale.
  • Garage sales are an easy and convenient option as you set the location and time of sale. If you want to call it a day and watch Netflix, you can.


  • You’ll have less of a market and lower foot traffic. Someone could be searching for a Hello Kitty umbrella online, receiving 0 results and crying themselves to sleep, unaware of the Hello Kitty umbrella sitting untouched on your front lawn.
  • People go to garage sales wanting a bargain, so don’t expect to make a fortune from your bric-a-brac. And look out for low-ballers.


  • Promote your garage sale as much as possible. Put up signs around your neighbourhood and advertise in your local newspaper and community bulletin boards (or, again, on Gumtree).
  • Create a vibe with some background music. A little ambience goes a long way and can lure in walkers-by.

Whether you choose to sell your unwanted items online, at a garage sale or with a mixture of both, you’ll be able to afford your own vampire killing kit in no time (or, you know, something you actually want or need).

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