Is It Time To Move Into A Smaller Home?

Is It Time To Move Into A Smaller Home?

Bigger isn’t always better. It’s becoming increasingly common for people to turn their backs on high-maintenance larger homes for more suitable smaller ones.

Perhaps the kids have moved out and you’re deciding whether to downsize from the family home. Or maybe you’re simply looking for something better suited to your lifestyle. Whatever your reasons for considering downsizing, let’s take a look at the advantages of both moving to a smaller house and staying in a larger home.

Benefits of Downsizing

More Affordable

Not only are smaller homes less expensive to buy, they are also less expensive to keep. From your rates and taxes to insurance and electricity, moving into a smaller home will reduce your living expenses, leaving you with more money to play with. If finances are a deciding factor for you, downsizing your home is definitely something to consider.

Less Maintenance

Less space requires less upkeep. You’ll love cutting your cleaning time in half and having more time, energy and effort to spend on more important things. Not to mention, having less room will encourage you to say goodbye to all of the junk you had hiding in the dark corners of your larger home, as well as diminishing the temptation to accumulate unnecessary items.

You Can Rethink Your Location

Moving home gives you the opportunity to consider where to relocate depending on your desired lifestyle and which house best suits your needs. Perhaps you are interested in living in a pedestrian-friendly neighbourhood where trendy cafés, restaurants and a buzzing nightlife are within walking distance? Or maybe you have always dreamed of living in a beachfront high-rise where you will never have to push a lawn mower again.

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Benefits of Staying

Sentimental Value

Leaving your family home can be an emotional and difficult transition. Does downsizing to a smaller house feel like more of a loss to you than the first step to a new lifestyle? Staying in your home allows you to hold on to the house in which you raised a family and created a lifetime of memories. To some, the sentimental value that their family home holds is worth more than any of the benefits of downsizing.

Clean Slate with a Spare Room

Embrace your newfound empty room as an opportunity to create the space you have always wanted. Impress your visitors by transforming the spare room into a 5-star guestroom, or create the meditation space you have always dreamed of. Whatever your interests, get creative and transform the spare room into a space you can enjoy.


Skip the Stress of Moving

It’s no secret that moving house can be kind of stressful (though it’s not so bad when you have the right tips up your sleeve). If you’re not up for the challenge, staying in your larger home will save you the hassle.

If you’re deciding whether to downsize to a smaller house or stay put in a more spacious one, take time to consider the benefits of each option before making the move.

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