Storage Guide: Things You Can NOT Put Into Storage

Storage Guide: Things You Can NOT Put Into Storage

Self-storage units can handle just about anything. Want to keep your valuables safe while you’re overseas? No problem. Need somewhere to store your boat in winter? Easy done. Looking to keep your extensive collection of Beanie Babies hidden from a new love interest? Bring ’em on in.

But if you’re hoping to get those paint tins or fuel cans out of the garage, you’ll have to find an alternative solution. While self-storage centres are great for most items, there are some things you can not put into storage. So please don’t.

Combustible Items or Toxic Chemicals

With the exception of climate-controlled units (e.g. for wine storage), temperatures in storage units can fluctuate dramatically. This makes them an unsafe place for storing combustible, flammable or toxic items. You don’t want to risk blowing up your unit – or the whole storage centre – just to make room in your garage. That would make you quite the goose, not to mention costing you quite a bit in damages.

Some combustible or hazardous materials prohibited from storage units include:

  • Petrol/gasoline
  • Paint and paint thinner
  • Solvents
  • Medical supplies (unless you’ve made special arrangements with your storage centre).

If you’re looking for somewhere to keep these items, you might want to hit up a relative for room in their garage instead. Or ask yourself if you really need to hold on to those 5 half-empty tins of off-white paint.

Do not put paint cans into storage

Side Note: To store mowers, whipper snippers and other similar equipment, you’ll need to make sure they are emptied of any fuel. To store the BBQ, you need to make sure it’s clean and the gas bottle is empty.

Perishable Items

There’s nothing worse than finding cockroaches in your storage unit. Oh wait, there is: finding rats in your storage unit. Ugh. Yes, most storage centres (and all National Storage centres) take preventative measures to keep pests away. But if you’re keeping food in your storage unit, you may as well be sending out a party invitation to all nearby vermin.

These are the no-nos when it comes to storage units:

  • Fresh food
  • Contained food (even canned food can attract pests – they’re ruthless, I tell you!)
  • Animal food

Do not put dog food into storage

Weird Tip: If you’ve got more food than space in your pantry, it might be time to throw a very excessive (and unusual) dinner party. Be brave with strange food pairings. Baked bean and Froot Loop pie, anyone?

Living Things

While it may seem like a convenient and affordable alternative to a kennel, no, you cannot keep your cat, dog, parrot or anaconda in your storage unit while on holiday. These units are for inanimate objects only, so don’t go getting any ideas with that fern, either.

Leave pets and plants off your storage list.

Do not put plants into storage

Handy Hint: There are hundreds of pet-minding services out there for your fluffy, feathery or scaly friend. So if your Great Aunt Betsy doesn’t have a heart want to look after your pet, there are other options.

Suspicious Items

No storage centre wants to be involved in any dodgy business, you feel? Any illegal substances or stolen items (such as an entire front lawn, it has happened), are banned from being stored in your self-storage unit. As for weapons, including guns, bombs, or anything else that goes BOOM, these are out of the question too.

Don’t add these to your trailer on your trip over:

  • Illegal substances
  • Items obtained illegally
  • Weapons.

When you’re moving stuff you can store into your unit, make sure you do it safely by following these tips. If you’re not sure whether an item is allowed or not, all you have to do is ask our friendly staff. We don’t bite (unlike rats).

Discover our affordable, flexible storage options here and book today, otherwise see our box shop for packing up the items you can store.

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