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How To Move Big Items Without Breaking Your Back

How To Move Big Items Without Breaking Your Back

As much as we may dread it, moving is a necessary part of life. We all have to go through it at one point or another, and there is nothing quite as intimidating as the thought of heaving larger items (such as the sofa and refrigerator) out the door.

Beyond the inconvenience and the time-consumption of this tedious task, heavy lifting can also put a lot of stress on the body – potentially even leading to injury. Moving big items can be dangerous if not approached correctly. Follow our helpful hints below and enjoy a fast, easy and safe transition into your new home.

The More the Merrier

Friends Moving Furniture

When it comes to moving day, many hands make light work. Recruit your friends, family or neighbours to assist with the heavy lifting and share the load. Having a good moving team will not only make the process more efficient – it will also make the day more enjoyable. It doesn’t hurt to offer some pizza and cold beverages as a sneaky bribe, either!

Maintain Form

Best Posture For Lifting

Moving larger items is far easier and safer when the correct techniques are used. It is important to focus on your posture, bending your knees and keeping your back straight when lifting heavy items. Always lift from your feet and legs to ensure you don’t put too much strain on your back. This way, you shouldn’t wake up needing a walking cane!

Get the Right Equipment

Moving Trolley

Some items simply cannot be moved by human hands alone, and it is important to have the right equipment on hand when the need arises. You can purchase or hire a dolly, flat bed and other furniture trolleys to assist with safe and easy loading and transportation of these pieces. Designed to move those heavy and awkward items to save you from the risk of injury, wheeled trolleys are perfect for shifting bulky furniture with ease. If you’re after ease of getting your items from A to B, National Storage offers trailer and van hire at our centres here.

One Thing at a Time

Moving Box By Box

It might be tempting to carry a dining chair in each hand instead of taking one at a time, but this increases your risk of injury (not to mention the risk of damaging your goods). Don’t rush and try to carry several items at once – take it slow and move one thing at a time to be confident that your health and your furniture will both stay in good condition!

Hire the Professionals

Professional Removalists

If the thought of sweaty, heavy lifting and back-breaking labour is too much for you, we have some great news: you don’t have to lift a finger! You can choose to hire the professionals to do all the tough jobs for you and enjoy moving into your new home without breaking a sweat.

We have several reliable and professional partners that specialise in lifting and moving heavy items, so you can sit back and relax while they get all your belongings to the destination. Contact us today to learn more about our services that can take the stress out of your move.

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