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Stepping out of the box with Richmond Football Club: The AFLW Journey

Stepping out of the box with Richmond Football Club: The AFLW Journey

National Storage is a proud sponsor of the Richmond Football Club AFLW team; a partnership that has spanned the entirety of the AFLW competition which kicked off in 2017 for its first season. This partnership not only underscores National Storage’s commitment to supporting women in sport but also emphasises the unique journeys of the individual players who contribute to the team’s success.

National Storage recognises the growing importance of women’s participation in sports and believes in creating opportunities for athletes to thrive, both on and off the field. By sponsoring the Richmond Football Club AFLW team, National Storage continuously aims to amplify the voices of these talented athletes, shedding light on their incredible stories and celebrating their achievements.

Backing the individuals that make the team

As part of this partnership, we had the privilege of sitting down with some of the remarkable players from the Richmond Football Club AFLW team. Through short interview clips, the players shared insights into their personal journeys, the challenges they’ve overcome, and the passion that fuels their commitment to the game.

These interviews form the short ‘Out of the Box’ series, looking beyond on-field performance by providing an opportunity for the players to share their experiences as women in sport.

Hear from Katie Brennan, Grace Egan, and Mon Conti below.

Celebrating women in sport

National Storage’s ongoing collaboration with the Richmond Football Club AFLW team is not just about promoting a brand but about championing a cause. By supporting women in sport, National Storage is contributing to the broader narrative of inclusivity and empowerment. This partnership is a testament to the shared values of National Storage and the Richmond Football Club – teamwork, care, and excellence.

While the AFLW season has drawn to a close for Richmond in 2023, National Storage invites everyone to join in celebrating the talents and stories of the incredible athletes who make up the Richmond Football Club AFLW team. Together, let’s applaud their dedication, passion, and the mark they are making in the world of AFL.

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