Q&A With 2020 NRLW Dally M Medal Winner, Ali Brigginshaw

Brigginshaw shares how it feels to receive the highest individual honour in the code, and how she plans to celebrate this achievement.

Q&A With 2020 NRLW Dally M Medal Winner, Ali Brigginshaw

Brisbane Broncos NRLW Captain Ali Brigginshaw was awarded the Dally M female player of the year award for 2020. As Foundation Sponsor and official storage partner, the team at National Storage were delighted to sit down with this year’s medal winner ahead of their third premiership win at Sydney Olympic stadium on Sunday 25th October.

Ali, how does it feel to be awarded the Dally M female player of the year award?

“It’s a crazy feeling, and to be awarded that award in front of my teammates was something very special. It’s a moment I’ll never forget.”

What’s your highlight been this season?

“Probably just the team coming together how well they have. We’ve had players leave the club and we’ve had new players come in and no one’s done anything wrong, everyone’s come in and taken it really professionally. I think we’ve just come together really well as a team.”

What effect has COVID-19 had on you and the team this season?

“For me myself, I had a major injury at the start of the year so that actually gave me some time off and some time to spend with family and rest up and try and get my body back to where it should be, so COVID itself has been great for me.”

How are you feeling heading into the Grand Final this weekend?

“Very excited! We have some young girls and some girls that haven’t been there before, but I know that they can do the job so it’s all about just experiencing the whole week together and I think they’ll do a great job.”

NRLW Brisbane Broncos Premiers

Brisbane Broncos Women celebrate after winning their third consecutive NRLW Grand Final at ANZ Stadium on 25th October 2020. Digital image by Grant Trouville.

How do you normally start a typical morning on game day?

“A coffee straight up, that’s the first thing. Then probably just some avocado on toast and then probably have a little nap after that, and then just lunch and I like to get strapped first. That’s my thing on game day, I always like to be strapped first.”

Do you have any pre-match superstitions or rituals?

“Yeah just the strapping. I say to the physio that I should be done first because I get so anxious about time, so she knows now that we always start first.”

What does life look like after the season wraps up?

“Definitely family time. It’s hard to play rugby league and try and be home with the family, so a few holidays and a few trips with Kate.”

Any plans to celebrate your award?

“There might be a few plans, after Origin that is, so it’s all about just getting those jobs done and then I’ll probably have the family come over for a barbeque or something to celebrate.”

What would you say to a young girl aspiring to be a professional rugby league player?

“Probably just never give up. As a young girl there’s always people that doubt you and say that you shouldn’t be playing that game; you’re too small, go and play netball or something like that. My thing is never give up – it teaches you resilience so when you’re older you can overcome anything.”

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