National Storage Robina launches Bluetooth Smart Access

National Storage Robina becomes first fully automated self-storage centre in Australia.

National Storage Robina launches Bluetooth Smart Access

As long established leaders in the self-storage industry, it is no surprise that National Storage is at the forefront of innovation. Bluetooth Smart Access is the most recent addition to their arsenal. Implemented at their brand-new build at Robina, this new technology takes the highly topical contact-free sales process to a whole other level.

Inspired by a visit to the Inside Self-Storage World Expo, NSR’s Heads of Technology and Development fast-tracked a plan to integrate new-age technology into their newest development project.

“We wanted to create a customer experience unmatched in our market and be the game changers of the Australian self-storage industry,” explained General Manager  IT Marcus Barron. “Being first in market to implement this technology is yet another example of how we lead innovation in the self-storage industry, and defy our size by being able to change course and execute with small business-style agility.”

Gone are the days of losing your keys or punching in a pin code. With the touch of a button, National Storage customers can now access their units through their smartphone. Key features include keyless entry and digital key sharing, all available through an app.

When asked, “Why Robina?” General Manager Development Nick Crang said “our customer experience, the building type, even the design language is very leading edge for the sector, so it made sense to integrate the new technology in one of our flagship construction projects.”

Nick also highlighted the possibility of rolling out the technology retrospectively, giving NSR’s Development team a pipeline of integration projects to look forward to. The IT and Development teams each highlighted the importance of collaboration in order to ensure seamless execution due as the product interfaces with the customer in a markedly digital format.

Bluetooth Smart Access

Speaking on the subject of innovation, Nick gave his thoughts as to what this development meant for the company’s future in the design space.

“Robina is definitely an indication of the direction we’re headed in. It’s an indication of my ethos towards design and development. It’s an indication of the company’s willingness to innovate and reinvent itself. It’s an indication that we have the confidence to be market leaders in more respects than just one, and to test the norms and the old constructs.”

Adding yet another string to our bow, the integration of Bluetooth Smart Access is an industry first in Australia, with National Storage leading the way into the future of contact-free move-ins.

“I wear the successful implementation of the first fully automated self-storage centre in Australia as a badge of honour and an achievement to be very proud of,” Marcus added.

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