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Moving To Perth: Pros And Cons

Moving To Perth: Pros And Cons

Thinking about moving to Perth? Western Australia’s charming capital is home to more than 2 million people (and counting). From its beautiful weather to its endless daytrip options, Perth has plenty to offer its locals.

If you’re considering calling Perth home, find out everything you need to know about the city right here before you make the move.

Perth Skyline

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Living in Perth: Pros and Cons

With its buzzing nightlife and stunning natural beauty, Perth has it all. But like anything (except maybe Beyoncé’s hair), Perth has its negatives too.

Pro: The weather is great

OK, so Australia has pretty awesome weather in general, but Perth’s mostly pleasant, sunny climate gets a huge thumbs up from us for liveability. Summer can get pretty toasty, but sea breezes offer welcome relief. It’s never snowed in Perth either, so even the chilliest winters are bearable.

Con: It’s one of the most isolated cities in the world

While this could be seen as an advantage to some, if you’re wanting to pop over to Sydney for a sporting event or music festival, you’re looking at a 4-hour flight. One of the most isolated cities in the world, living in Perth can make you feel a bit disconnected from the rest of the country. If you’re after a city that’s pretty central, have a look at Brisbane.

Pro: It’s surrounded by awesome beaches

When the hustle and bustle of Perth’s vibrant shopping and dining scene has you craving some relaxation, the city has some of the country’s most extraordinary beaches to dip your toes and unwind. Our top picks include:

  • City Beach – 15-minute drive from the CBD
  • Scarborough Beach – 15-minute drive from the CBD
  • Cottesloe Beach – 20-minute drive from the CBD
  • Mettams Pool – 20-minute drive from the CBD
  • Bathers Beach – 35-minute drive from the CBD

Con: It’s expensive

The cost of living in Perth is above average. In fact, it’s up there with Sydney as one of the most expensive places to live in the country.

Pro: The airport’s easy to get to

Who likes getting up at the crack of dawn to beat traffic and make their flight? Nobody.

Perth eliminates this inconvenience with its local domestic and international airport. Just a 20-minute taxi ride from the CBD, living in Perth makes it easy to get to your flights on time (and without the panicked rush of travelling from out in the sticks).

Pro: It’s welcoming for all ages

From live music to fun playgrounds and pleasant botanic gardens, Perth is a great spot for rowdy 20-somethings, families, and older people alike.

No matter your age or interests, or whether you’re studying, starting a family or retiring, Perth has activities and events to accommodate every lifestyle.

Pro: The scenery is beautiful

If natural beauty is your jam, you can’t go past Perth’s national parks and wineries. The Swan River runs right through the city, offering a postcard-perfect sight among the concrete and bitumen.

Seriously, if you don’t have an Instagram account already, moving to Perth might persuade you to join just to brag post about your stunning new hometown.


Best Perth Suburbs to Live In

Bird's Eye View of Perth City

Whether you want to be in the heart of the action, by the beach or somewhere leafy and quiet, these are our favourite suburbs to live in Perth.

East Perth – inner suburb

With plenty of restaurants and cafés, 2 shopping centres and the Western Australian Cricket Association (WACA) Ground, you’ll never be short of things to do in East Perth. It’s also the main hub for interstate and national rail services, including the famous Indian Pacific (Great Southern Rail). If the heart of Perth sounds right, so should affordable and secure storage while making your transition at our East Perth storage centre.

Joondanna – inner suburb

This quiet suburb is home to plenty of parks and other recreational services. There are a few schools in the area too, making this a great spot for families.

Joondanna sounding just right? Our Osborne Park storage centre is nearby to help keep your goods safe while you settle into your new life in Perth.

Maylands – inner suburb

One of the more cultural and creative hubs in Perth, Maylands is a riverside suburb that offers residents beautiful views. It’s home to the Maylands Peninsula Golf Course and is located on the Midland Railway line, making it easy to get into the city. Our East Perth storage centre is just as easy with affordable prices to store your home contents while relocating.

Merriwa – North Perth

Merriwa boasts several beautiful parks and is just a 5-minute drive from Quinns Beach. It’s also close to a major shopping centre, has 2 retirement villages, and is walking distance to public and private schools, making it a great pick for every lifestyle.

The convenience factor of greenery or beaches doesn’t stop there: if you’re requiring storage while making the move, our Butler storage centre is nearby and offers truck and trailer hire when ready to vacate.

Armadale – South Perth

Great for families, Armadale offers several schools as well as sporting venues, playing fields, and a skate park. It’s also easy to get around by bus or head into the CBD thanks to the Armadale rail line. Our Kelmscott storage centre isn’t too far either, so if you’re needing to home your goods while preparing to move, get in touch for a tailored solution!

High Wycombe – East Perth

Handy to the airport, High Wycombe is a good option for fly-in, fly-out professionals. It’s also family-friendly, offering playgrounds and other recreational activities.


Moving to Perth from Other Cities

Moving Interstate

If you’re thinking of moving from another big Aussie city to plant roots in Perth, you’ll need to know these handy facts.

Moving from Brisbane to Perth

  • Journey time: 46hr drive or 5hr 45min flight
  • Brisbane to Perth removalist cost: $5,500 – $6,790
  • Housing costs: The median price of a house in Perth is $15,000 more affordable than the median price of a house in Brisbane ($470,000 vs. $485,000)
  • Rent: Renting in Perth is roughly $90 more affordable than renting in Brisbane ($320 vs. $410 median weekly rent)
  • What you’ll miss from Brisbane: Nearby theme parks
  • What you’ll love about Perth: The wineries

Moving from Sydney to Perth

  • Journey time: 42hr drive or 5hr flight
  • Sydney to Perth removalist cost: $4,750 – $6,650
  • Housing costs: The median price of a house in Perth is $345,000 more affordable than the median price of a house in Sydney ($470,000 vs. $815,000)
  • Rent: Renting in Perth is roughly $220 more affordable than renting in Sydney ($320 vs. $540 median weekly rent)
  • What you’ll miss from Sydney: The convenience of having 24/7 everything
  • What you’ll love about Perth: The laidback lifestyle

Moving from Melbourne to Perth

  • Journey time: 36hr drive or 4hr 15min flight
  • Melbourne to Perth removalist cost: $3,750 – $5,250
  • Housing costs: The median price of a house in Perth is $183,000 more affordable than the median price of a house in Melbourne ($470,000 vs. $653,000)
  • Rent: Renting in Perth is roughly $110 more affordable than renting in Melbourne ($320 vs. $430 median weekly rent)
  • What you’ll miss from Melbourne: The culture
  • What you’ll love about Perth: The beaches

Removalist costs are based on the average cost of moving the contents of a 3-bedroom home. Prices will vary depending on your needs.

See our Perth storage centres when making the move. We may be closer than you think and can offer competitively priced solutions to take care of your goods while settling in!


Perth’s Dining Scene

Dining in Perth Restaurant

From fine wining and dining to more casual eating experiences, Perth has a restaurant and eatery to satisfy any craving. These dining precincts are brimming with delicious options for your next meal on the town.

Subiaco – West Perth

Cultural and colourful, Subiaco offers a range of bars, restaurants and cafés to indulge your inner foodie. It has authentic eateries from all over the world. So no matter what you’re in the mood for, you’ll leave with a full stomach and a smile.

Barrack Street Jetty – Jetty 4, Riverside Drive, Perth

Dinner with a view, anyone? Riverside dining at its best, Barrack Street Jetty offers a selection of restaurants with front-row seats to the beautiful Swan River.

Swan Valley – East Perth

Perth’s stunning winery region boasts fine-dining restaurants and pub grub to suit every taste and budget. Wash it down with your favourite drop from one of over 40 world-class wineries in the region.


Culture in Perth

Ballerinas on Stage in Perth

Perth offers some incredible cultural experiences, from music and dance to theatre and art. Get your arts and culture fix at these cultural hubs in Perth.

His Majesty’s Theatre – 825 Hay St, Perth

Whether you’re in the mood for ballet, opera, classical music or theatre, there’s something for everyone at this striking performing arts venue. Over 100 years old, His Majesty’s Theatre is a stunning display of Edwardian Baroque architecture, and it includes a bar and restaurant.

The Aboriginal Art and Craft Gallery – Fraser Avenue, Kings Park, West Perth

Offering a display of works by local Western Australian Indigenous artists, the Aboriginal Art and Craft Gallery is a must-see for Perth locals and visitors alike. Here you can discover unique contemporary and traditional Aboriginal art and artifacts.

Western Australian Museum – James St, Northbridge

Home to Western Australia’s scientific and cultural collection, the Western Australian Museum offers exhibitions and public programs that entertain and educate. This is a great activity for the whole family.


Perth’s Climate

Perth Beach

Australia is known for its great weather, and Perth is no exception. Despite what people may think about Queensland, Western Australia is the real sunshine state, with Perth having more sunny days than any other city in the country.


Perth doesn’t get much rain in summer, and tends to be quite hot and dry, with sea breezes bringing relief from the afternoon heat. Average temperatures range from 17.5 to 30°C.


Autumn in Perth is mild and pleasant with warm, sunny days and cooler nights. Average temperatures range between 13.5 and 26°C, and you might see a few showers and a bit of humidity.


With average temperatures ranging from 8 to 19°C, you probably won’t need your thermal underwear in Perth. Winters can get cool and wet, welcoming rain and thunderstorms.


You can expect warm, sunny days with temperatures around 11.5 to 23°C. It rarely rains throughout spring in Perth, and you can enjoy stunning displays of blooming florals.


Getting Around Perth

Signs on Perth Highway

Public transport in Perth is a quick and convenient way to get around. Whether you travel by bus, train or ferry, Perth’s connected public transport system allows you to get where you need to be without costing a fortune.


As well as the networked metropolitan Transperth bus system, a modern central bus transport system called CAT (Central Area Transit) runs in and around the city on regular routes as a free service for the community. A prepaid SmartRider card allows you to save on bus and train fares – simply top up, tap on, and tap off.


Perth’s metropolitan train system consists of 6 lines running from the downtown Perth station, and can take you to the CBD and outer suburbs. The famous Indian Pacific can take you to Adelaide and Sydney.


The Elizabeth Quay Ferry Terminal takes you across the Swan River to the South Perth foreshore. Travelling by ferry is a great option when visiting the Perth Zoo, taking just 10 minutes.


No matter where you are in Perth, chances are a taxi isn’t far away. You can hail them from the kerb, make your way to a taxi rank in the city, or book one online or by phone.


Make your move to Perth a little smoother with these 10 tips.

Moving to Perth soon? We’ve got plenty of centres here to house your stuff while you move. Discover our affordable, flexible options here and book today.

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