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Moving House With A Cat: Top Tips

Moving house with a cat can be stressful. Luckily, there are things you can do to ensure a smooth transition.

Moving House With A Cat: Top Tips

Moving house with a cat can be stressful. Especially if you’re the cat and you have no idea why there is such a sudden disruption to your environment and your routine. So, it’s pivotal that you consider how you are going to relocate your feline friend without adding additional stress. Luckily, there are things you can do to ensure a smooth transition. Here are some tips on how to move house with a cat.

Before you move

  1. Identification is important

Cat’s are unpredictable. During and after a move, your cat could take off. So, check if your cat’s ID tag is up to date, and remember to get your cat’s microchip records changed to your new address. 

  1. Check your cat’s carrier

A lot can go wrong if a cat is left to move about freely in the car, so it is recommended that you use a suitable travelling container to transport your cat. This should be a well-ventilated, stable carrier that gives your pet sufficient room. To limit anxiety when moving cats to a new house, get them acquainted with their carrier before moving day. You can also create a welcoming carrier with some of your cat’s soft bedding and treats. To make it look like an appealing hiding spot, place a blanket over the top of the carrier.

  1. Visit the vet

When moving house with a cat, make sure your feline friend is up to date on vaccinations, and is as healthy as possible. Speak to your vet about any concerns you may have.

  1. Boxes and packing

Cats love boxes because they make them feel safe. But too many boxes can have the opposite effect. Consider introducing the empty boxes weeks before moving house with a cat. This way, your cat will have time to explore the boxes and get comfortable with them.

You can order your boxes online from our Box Shop and have them delivered straight to your door. We offer various sizes available as singles or in cost-effective packs of ten. View our Moving Boxes here.

  1. Keep your cat’s stuff for last

Cats don’t respond well to change. If at all possible, only move your cat’s bedding and things at the very end of your move. You can also try and lower your cat’s stress levels on moving day by isolating your cat in a room. It’s easy to get caught up in organising the move, but it is important to comfort your pet friend by spending time with them during the day. Put on some soothing sounds to muffle the banging of boxes and furniture.


At the new place

  1. Clean the new house

Preparing your new place for your feline friend’s arrival can go a long way in making the transition as smooth as possible. Cats are territorial, so clean the new house to remove any previous pet smells.

  1. Create a comforting space for your cat

Not only will your cat be dealing with an unfamiliar space in your new home, but there will also be a lot of commotion as furniture and boxes get carried in. Keep your feline friend in a separate room to help him/her settle. Try and make the room as comfortable as possible by using familiar bedding and toys. Creating a “cat room” at your new place is especially helpful when moving house with an outdoor cat.

  1. A purr-fect new home

Settling a cat into a new home can be challenging as both indoor and outdoor cats may run away if let outside too soon. So, when moving house with a cat, it’s best to keep them inside for a couple of weeks. Try not to disrupt your cat’s routine in the moving process, and stick to the same feeding times. If your new place has multiple storeys, you can help your pet friend settle in by placing litter boxes around the house. You can also consider placing water fountains on the different levels of the house.

Congrats on your new place! Now it is time for you and your kitty to make the place your own. If it takes your cat a while to adjust, be patient. And if you find yourself needing more space, why not declutter and put some excess stuff in storage? Take a look at our Storage Units over here.

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