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Long-Term Travelling: What To Sell vs. What To Keep

Long-Term Travelling: What To Sell vs. What To Keep

It’s travel time. You’re ready to pack your bags and bid your home farewell while you set off on a long-term adventure. You hear your bed sobbing as you fasten the final zipper on your suitcase, and your TV is refusing to say goodbye. Denial is the silent cry of the heartbroken.

But hold it right there, you gallivanting globetrotter. You can’t leave your belongings just sitting around while you laze about on the white sands of Thailand or hike up lush mountains in Ireland.

Not sure what to do with your stuff during long-term travel? Can’t decide what to sell and what to keep? It’s time to look in the mirror, tell yourself you look great and can do anything you set your mind to, and then ask yourself these questions.

Do you need it?

Sitting Thinking

What do your juicer, sewing machine and exercise bike have in common? They were made in China. But also, you never use them. If you’re jet-setting off to unknown lands for a long period of time, now is a great time to sell those items that are taking up space in your home.

Not only will you have a tidier home, but you’ll also have more cash to splash on booze and souvenirs, two of life’s greatest pleasures.

Is it due for an upgrade?

New and Old TV

Why on earth would you want to come home to that crappy washing machine that needs replacing? You could probably get $50 for it from some students, scoring yourself an extra couple of cocktails.

If you’ve got items that are due for an upgrade, don’t leave them sitting around collecting dust. Maybe you’ve outgrown your fridge or want to add inches to your TV? Sell them now and be cashed up for your trip, with less on your to-do list when you get home.

Will it stay in good condition while you’re gone?

Car in Storage

Some things need more TLC than others. Like your mattress, for example. Or your goldfish.

Mattresses need to be rotated every 3 months to stay in top condition, so if you’re planning to be away for longer, you might want to consider saying goodbye to your dreamy pal.

The same goes for your car. If left too long without starting and warming it up, you could return home to a car that won’t start. If you don’t have a friend or family member to give your car the love it needs while you’re away, you might face pricey repairs when you get home. Looking for an excuse to sell your set of wheels and upgrade to a newer model? This could be it!

Does it have sentimental value?

Stuffed Animals in Basket

We get it – there are some things you just can’t part with. Whether it’s the dresser that once belonged to your Grandma or the extensive comic book collection left to you by your great uncle Joe, items that have sentimental value should be held onto.

Unless of course it’s the chaise lounge your ex bought you. You should list that on Gumtree, like, yesterday.

Hate that niggling feeling that you’ve forgotten something? Be prepared with these must-know tips for long-term travel. Bon voyage!

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