How To: Use Self-Storage As A Warehouse Alternative

Are you looking for an affordable alternative to warehousing? It might be time to consider self-storage.

How To: Use Self-Storage As A Warehouse Alternative

With the expansion of ecommerce companies, a growing trend has emerged with many companies starting to utilise self-storage facilities as affordable warehousing alternatives. With onsite receipt and dispatch services, to Wi-Fi and power connectivity, the benefits of self-storage are endless.  

However, small business storage and logistics are not specific to ecommerce companies. Tradesmen and other small business owners can significantly benefit from this solutionStoring your equipment around the same location as your operations can save you, and your employees, an immense amount of time, together with saving travel expenses.   

Starting and operating an ecommerce company has never been easier, and this is how self-storage ensures it.   

So, you have finally started that online business you have always dreamt of, but you have outgrown your current space. This is when self-storage becomes the solution for you. Secure your very own, individually alarmed unit and start the growth of your business today.  

Customers with Storage Unit

Infrastructural Advantages

For customers considering making the move to an alternate warehouse space, one of the first questions they ask is: how would self-storage compete with warehousing? 

Power connectivity

Power connectivity is available upon request. With the availability of electricity onsite the possibilities of what you can do within your unit grow. Establishing a functional, secure space within your unit has just been made easy.

Supplied Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi is the quintessential aspect of any ecommerce brand. Luckily, this can be a service easily provided for you, making your space digital-friendly and ready to go 


Establishing and setting up shelving within your unit is one of the first things that many businesses who store with us aim to do. By setting up shelving, you can keep all your paperwork and archives organised and safe. 

Packaging Supplies

Packaging your items can be a long and expensive process, especially when considering going out and getting your boxes every time, you receive an order. Luckily, you can receive all your packaging needs from the centre, meaning you never have to leave your warehouse. 


Economic Advantages

Short and long-term

Whether you need to store your stock with us for a long, or short time, both options are readily available to you. Offering discounts for long-term use, whilst also providing non-lock in contracts, whatever your needs are, they can easily be matched.

Receipt and dispatch

For an ecommerce company receiving and sending packages is one of the most crucial and essential tasks. Self-storage can ensure that receipt and dispatch services are available on-site, meaning you can send packages right from your unit.

Forklift access

Products arriving in bulk on pallets are not unfamiliar to ecommerce business owners. Forklift access allows arrivals can be easily and quickly put straight into storage. Having onsite staff with forklift licences can ensure that your products are safely stored away.   


Use of the van

If the inevitable does occur, and you need to leave your office to drop off some products, the free use of the centre van is always an option. Van rentals are free upon request for current tenants. Talk to your local centre manager about availability.

Are you looking for somewhere central to store your tools and equipment? Look no further than your self-storage unit.  

Have you considered using a storage unit as a workshop? If you’re looking for a central location for your tradesmen to collect their gear, or simply looking to store your equipment, self-storage is the perfect solution. Here are the five main ways that tradesmen can take advantage of the benefits of a storage unit:

24-hour access

An early morning start is something that sounds familiar to every tradesmen. For a small fee every month, 24-hour access is available for customers needing to access their tools at all hours. Finding a secure and safe way to store and access your tools has never been easier.  

Forklift access

Heavy lifting and sore backs ring a bell to any tradesmen – luckily with supplied forklifts, this can be a thing of the past. Having access to forklifts can help with whatever delivery you have, whether its pallets or bulk-packaging, safe and secure delivery of your items can be ensured 

Driveway access

With driveway units available, you can ensure that the distance between your truck and your unit is never far. Being able to back your Ute up to your unit can ensure that it is effortlessly accessible, and your tools are never out of reach. 

Trailer hire

Sometimes even the deepest tray or strongest set of roof racks cannot contain your tools. Our trailers can help fit all your equipment in one, easy-to-access location.

Trailer Hire

Central location

Finding a location that is in the middle of where your operations are has never been easier when using self-storage. With a range of ultra-convenient, central locations, finding the right location for your business hub is easy. 

So, where do we go from here?

Now that all the benefits of self-storage unit are laid out, why not book now? If you’re not ready to book yet, you can also get an easy online quote. Visit our website to see which storage unit is best for you, or simply call our storage experts on 1300 255 611 to find the ultimate storage work space for rent.


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