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Your Guide To Antiquing In Hobart

Your Guide To Antiquing In Hobart

You might think Mt Wellington is a sight to see. Or perhaps Port Arthur is high on your Hobart bucket list. But you’d be wasting your visit if you didn’t spend some of your time in Tasmania’s capital trawling through vintage treasures.

Hobart is home to some of the best antique stores in the country. If you’re a sucker for all things old-school, you’d best buy yourself a second suitcase; this sleepy city is filled with retro goodies to take home with you. And if you’re a local? Consider yourself lucky. You’ll never run out of antique stores to explore in Hobart.


Best Antique Stores in Hobart


Antiques Warehouse – 64 Warwick St, Hobart

Antiques Warehouse Hobart

The largest antique store in Hobart, Antiques Warehouse is located in the heritage-listed old Coogans Factory. It features a whopping 1,500 square metres of display space over 2 storeys, stocking a diverse range of vintage goodies. Here you’ll find antique and vintage furniture, silverware, china, collectibles, and more.

Great for: Adding wow factor to your home with a statement piece of furniture.

Top tip:  Bookworms, unite! One of Antiques Warehouse’s vendors specialises in rare and old books. Your bookshelves will thank you.


Antiques to Retro – 128 Bathurst St, Hobart

As their name gives away, Antiques to Retro specialises in antique furniture, ranging from Australian Colonial to 20th Century, retro-styled pieces. They also boast an impressive selection of art, collectibles, ceramics, glass, clothing, jewellery, and much more. No doubt you’ll find something fabulous in their range of one-off treasures that will make Grandma green with envy.

Great for: The retro-lover looking for alternative, one-of-a-kind adornments.

Top tip: Some of their stock might celebrate the old-fashioned, but they don’t run the business that way. Check out their Instagram ‘antiques2retro’ for first looks on when new pieces arrive.


Archive Antiques – 170 New Town Road, New Town

Archive Antiques Hobart

You won’t leave Archive Antiques empty-handed, with their exquisite selection of antiques and collectibles. These dealers adore anything retro, industrial or unusual so they’re worth a visit if you’re looking to sell. You can peruse their collection of antique books online, and in store you’ll be personally greeted by Dougal the dog – the shopfront’s official welcomer.

Great for: Those on the hunt for anything from Georgian period to Mid Century Scandinavian design.

Top tip: Antique trawling have you famished? Archive Antique sits next to the renowned Jackman and McRoss bakery, the perfect pit-stop for a delicious snack.


Annick’s Antiques – Hampden Road, Battery Point

Annick's Antiques Hobart

Arrr’ me matey! X marks the spot at Annick’s Antiques. Here you’ll find seafaring and colonial treasure embedded in Australia’s marine heritage. Score some loot as well as a history lesson when you drop into this seaside shop.

Great for: Adding nautical or colonial pieces to complement your home.

Top tip:  Not interested in maritime artefacts? They also sell a range of valuables from around the world, dating from the 18th Century to the 1940s, so you’re sure to find something special in their treasure troves.


Hello Gorgeous Vintage – 170 New Town Road, New Town

Looking to update your wardrobe with some dated designs? Hello Gorgeous Vintage in New Town is boasted as Hobart’s only boutique vintage shop. Each shoe, bag, accessory and item of clothing is carefully selected for the ultimate feeling of fab while wearing. What are you waiting for?

Great for:  Finding era-styled designer attire to add to your clothing collection.

Top tip: Fancy wearing vintage on your wedding day? There are some beautiful 1950s styled bridal dresses up for grabs. (Could also easily pass for a cocktail frock if that’s what your looking for).


The Coin and Stamp Place – 110 Collins St, Hobart

The Coin and Stamp Place Hobart

If collecting stamps, coins and all things shiny tickles your fancy, the Coin and Stamp Place will feel like a dream come true. This store specialises in – yep, you guessed it – coins and stamps as well as banknotes, postcards, militaria and other precious collectibles from Australia and the Pacific region.

Great for: Sourcing a specific coin, stamp or collectable item you’ve been searching for.

Top tip: Not in Hobart? A sample of their stock is available at their online shop. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Feel free to email them!


Warwick Oakman Antiques– Bridge Street, Richmond

A 25-minute drive from Hobart’s CBD, the Warwick Oakman Antiques is teeming with must-have furniture and decorative arts dating from the 18th and 19th century. If you’re loving antiques that embody elegance and class (of course you are), you gotta go by Warwick’s for a rummage.

Great for: Adding Australian and English-centric tones to the home.

Top tip: If you want to drop in after hours, give the shop a call. Warwick is all too happy to open up for you. Now that’s what we call excellent service!


Sorell Antique Centre – 15 Somerville Street, Sorell

Sorell Antique Centre

A smorgasbord of antique dealers to find, the Sorell Antique Centre is one-of-a-kind! Rhyming quips aside, those looking to spend hours in the one place searching for antique gold won’t want to miss this centre. With a dozen independent dealers to choose from, chances are you won’t leave without a purchase.

Great for: First-time antique shoppers looking for a diverse range of goods to choose from.

Picked up some valuable treasures and not sure how best to store them? Our Fancy Edition Storage Guide will help direct you on how to keep your antiques in pristine condition.

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