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10 Cool Collections That Won’t Chase Your Friends Away

10 Cool Collections That Won’t Chase Your Friends Away

Who says collections can’t be cool? When you think of collectibles, you probably picture coins or stamps. And while there’s nothing uncool about collecting these items (heck, we think they’re pretty neat!), offering your mates a glance at your stamps might be met with a sigh or an eye-roll.

Don’t lose hope, wannabe collector. From practical items to quirky conversation starters, there are plenty of things to collect that won’t chase your friends away. Here are some great examples.


1. Vintage Stemware

Add character to your home with some vintage stemware. Old glassware doesn’t just make for a stunning display. It also comes in handy at dinner parties, adding an old-worldly charm and unique touch to your table setting.

Display your vintage stemware on kitchen shelves, or use them as a beautiful centrepiece on your dining table – just add flowers.


2. Snow Globes

Often sold as souvenirs, snow globes bring a touch of magic to any space. Whether your collection tells a story of the places you’ve travelled or it simply adds some life to an empty shelf, snow globes are a great conversation starter.

Keep yours on a shelf or bookcase, and be sure to dust regularly.


3. Sea Shells

Credit: John Davidson Image Lab

Sea shells are another great (and free!) way to commemorate the places you’ve been. The soft colour palette and combination of shapes and textures make this collection perfect for any room in the house. It won’t take long to grow your collection once you start picking up a few of your favourite shells each time you visit a beach.

Display your sea shell collection in a shadow box on the wall, glass jars on a buffet, or in a basket on your coffee table.


4. Decorative Plates

Credit: Indulgy

Colourful decorative plates make for a unique wall feature and can also be used to create a whimsical dinner party setting. We just love any collectible that is as functional as it is aesthetically pleasing, and decorative plates are a great example.

Hang your decorative plates in a shape (circle, diamond, crescent moon) or at random to create a striking wall feature.


5. Old Cameras

Credit: Apartment Therapy

There’s nothing quite like an old camera collection to bring vintage vibes and a sense of adventure to a home. You can find old cameras online and in antique stores.

Floating shelves are perfect for displaying your old camera collection. We love the contrast of these old machines against fresh white paint.


6. Magazines

Credit: Trendi

Whether you flick through Vogue or Monster Trucks Weekly, stacks of old magazines can bring a kitschy-cool feel to any space. Plus, they offer a fun blast from the past down the track, and can even be worth a decent amount of coin in the future.

We love the idea of using stacks of Vogues to showcase your favourite footwear.


7. Vintage Keys

Antique keys can be truly beautiful, especially when displayed the right way. Romantic and even a little mysterious (what were they once used to open? Buried treasure? A liquor cabinet? The Chamber of Secrets?), a key collection can bring a sense of wonder to your home.

Display yours on a cork board or in a shadow box.


8. Perfume Bottles

Credit: Real Simple

Add a touch of glamour to any room with a collection of perfume bottles. You can usually find unique empty perfume bottles online or at antique and second-hand stores.

Cake stands make great displays for new and old perfume bottles, creating a beautiful mountain of glistening glass.


9. Pressed Flowers

Credit: Blog Lovin’

Want to really wow your visitors? Pressed flowers are the perfect way to bring the outside in. This DIY project leaves you with gorgeous one-of-a-kind art to hang around your home.

Hang your pressed flowers in glass frames to create a floating effect, or against a sheet of music or page from your favourite book for a more personal touch.


10. Old Typewriters

Credit: Uppercase Magazine

Let’s face it, what’s old is new again, and everything that’s been long collecting dust in your grandma’s garage is now probably selling out to all the cool kids at the mall (or wherever the cool kids shop). Whether you love to read and write, or just want to make your place look retro-cool, you need to start collecting typewriters. Like, now.

Your typewriters collection will steal the show on floating shelves or a bookcase in your living room.

Found your new favourite collectible? Now discover some unique ways to display your collection to make sure it looks its best in your home.

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