5 Unique Ways To Showcase Your Collection

5 Unique Ways To Showcase Your Collection

Are your collectibles making your home look untidy? That’s the thing about having a lot of stuff – if it’s just lying around, it looks more like clutter than a collection.

It’s time to put your collection front and centre (unless, of course, it’s creepy). Show it off with pride in a unique display that makes your friends say wow instead of wtf.

1. A Creative Alternative to Frames

If you’re hoarding a healthy collection of precious photographs or newspaper clippings, clear them from your cupboards to create a wall display you’ll enjoy every day. Because frames are sooo 2015, this project will require a trip to the antique store (or your attic) for a more creative approach to picture-hanging.

Antique plates, trays and hand-mirrors make interesting alternatives to frames. Simply make copies of your photos or papers, cut to fit inside your antique item, glue onto the surface and add a thin coat of clear lacquer for a finished look. There you go – your Great Aunty Bertha is much more comfortable taking centre stage in your living room than she was tucked away in your linen closet.

2. Floor-to-Ceiling Shelves

Dedicate a whole wall to your collection with floor-to-ceiling shelves. If this doesn’t prove how much you love your umbrella cover sleeves, what will? Shelves are perfect for showcasing pretty much any item, and they will really make your collection stand out.

Want to create your own eye-catching feature wall display with floor-to-ceiling shelving? Get measuring, then get on down to Bunnings for some timber (and maybe a sausage on bread). Eat your sausage on bread then give up, go home, and call in a pro to build it for you.

3. Boxed Shelving

Image via familyhandyman.com

If you’re just too alternative for regular shelving, boxed shelving is a cool way to get your collection on the wall and show off how different and hip you are.

Whether you need somewhere special to display your Beatles memorabilia, or your collection of soap is becoming too much for your bathroom drawers, boxed shelving is a quirky way to get your stuff out of the way and onto the wall.

4. Cake Stands

Image via makeupandbeautyblog.com

Believe it or not, cake stands are good for more than just teasing you with sugary treats at the local café when you just stepped in for a quick latte on your way to work and now you’re really resenting that super healthy bircher muesli you had for breakfast. They also make a delightful display for your collectibles. Grab a few in different heights and sizes for added interest.

But what if you collect cake stands? Collection Inception.

5. Get Colourful

Colourful Bottles

Image via au.pinterest.com

Maybe your collection won’t look quite right on the wall. Maybe it won’t fit on a cake stand. If you can’t find a creative way to showcase your collection, you can at least organise it by colour. This is an easy way to transform your collection from a mess to a colourful treat for the eyes.

Because everyone knows everything looks better in rainbow form.

Don’t let your collection clutter your home. Showcase it with pride to keep your home looking tidy and your friends jealous of all your awesome yo-yos.


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