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10 Ways To Add Value To Your Home

10 Ways To Add Value To Your Home

Attention, homeowners! Renovating your house but not sure where to start? Whether you’re getting ready to sell or simply want to give your place a facelift, be inspired by these 10 simple ways to increase your property’s value.


1. Revamp the Entrance

Home entrance makeover

Kerb appeal has a big say in the first – and lasting – impression of your home. If your home’s exterior is looking a little lacklustre, it’s time to make your entry more welcoming and memorable.

If you’re renovating for a profit, the front door is a great place to start. Whether you paint it a fun colour or replace it altogether with a modern design, upgrading your front door will have a huge impact on the overall look of your home’s façade.

Other easy ways to inject some style into your home’s entry include adding some pot plants, grooming your garden, and staging some patio furniture that shows how the space could be enjoyed.


2. Improve Your Fencing

Decent fencing also helps to increase your home’s street appeal while adding value – just be careful with how much you spend on your new fence.

A couple of easy ways to save on fencing is to install a picket fence yourself with posts from a hardware store, or opting to paint your new fence yourself instead of having the contractors do it.


3. Breathe New Life with Paint

Paint pot

Like, everywhere. The external walls, the internal walls, the roof, the ceilings – seriously, a fresh coat of paint works wonders for a tired home.

New paint can make your home look brand new. Choose light, neutral tones for the interior if you’re looking to sell – these appeal to the majority of potential buyers.


4. Cement Render Old Bricks

It’s time to put the red brick to bed. Any brick home can be given a modern makeover with cement rendering.

While this might set you back some coin in the meantime, it will dramatically transform the look of your home, and attract many more buyers who prefer a modern rendered style.


5. Update the Flooring

Timber floor samples

When was the last time you looked below? If your carpets are worn and marked or simply outdated (hello, ‘70s shag), it’s time for an upgrade. The same goes for tired timber begging for a fresh varnish, and cracked or discoloured tiles that are bringing down your entire kitchen or bathroom.

Fresh flooring gives your home a clean and modern look that tells potential buyers your home has been well looked after.


6. Replace Kitchen and Bathroom Fixtures

Outdated tapware and cabinet handles can add decades to a home. Bring your kitchen and bathroom into the 21st Century by updating to modern fixtures.

As the kitchen and bathroom are generally the make-or-break spaces for buyers, it’s important to give them some TLC. If a complete renovation isn’t in your budget, replacing the fixtures is the next best way to create a modern look.


7. Upgrade Light Fittings

Modern pendant lights

If you’re still sporting an elaborate, floral-painted glass light fixture from decades ago, it’s time to say goodbye.

Replace unsightly old light fixtures with a funky modern style or opt for a simple, contemporary look that doesn’t draw attention.


8. Install Functional Windows

If your windows are just for decoration, consider letting the fresh air in by swapping them out for some functional ones.

There’s nothing like a good breeze during the Australian summer, so if your windows are currently just for show, it’s worth making the change.


9. Create an Open Plan

Open plan living

Open-plan living is still a crowd favourite, and for good reason. It can make a home look bigger than it actually is, increase natural light, and create a communal feeling.

To make your home more open and improve flow, remove internal walls between living spaces like the lounge room and dining room.


10. Add an Outdoor Entertaining Area

An outdoor entertaining space is a must on many a home buyer’s wish list.

If your budget allows it, adding a deck or pagoda is the perfect way to create another living space for your home to embrace the outdoors.

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