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Top 10 Home Renovation Hacks

Top 10 Home Renovation Hacks

Looking to make some big changes to your home without breaking the bank? Create the home of your dreams, minus the expensive professional help, with these renovating hacks.

Because unlike haircuts, some home decorating projects are better when you do them yourself.

1. Create a Tiled Kitchen Splashback

Tiled Kitchen Splashback

For many people, the kitchen is the most important room of the house. When it comes to renovating, this is often the first room homeowners want to get stuck into.

Adding a tiled kitchen splashback is a great way to bring a real wow factor to the space without spending a fortune or bringing in the big guns. Choose a modern white subway tile with a black grout for a designer look, or opt for a colourful Moroccan style for an exotic feel.

2. Create a Living Room Feature Wall

Feature Wall

Boring creams and beiges got you down? Bring some life to your living room with a fun feature wall. Whether you go for a bold paint colour or an interesting wallpaper finish, this simple update is seriously effective, and should only take you one weekend.

Use a light, cool tone to make the space appear bigger without spending big bucks on an extension.

3. Give Your Bathroom Cabinets an Update

Bathroom Vanity

Don’t have the cash to splash out on new bathroom cabinets? There’s no need to replace cabinets that are still in working order if you can’t afford an entirely new set.

If your bathroom cupboards and drawers are looking a little drab, give them a facelift with some new cabinet or drawer pulls and a fresh coat of paint. Your bathroom will feel brand new.

4. Replace Old Taps

New Faucet

Another change that requires minimum effort but offers maximum effect is to change the taps in your kitchen and bathroom.

Old-school tapware can bring a whole kitchen or bathroom down. This simple upgrade will have your space looking modern and stylish in no time.

5. Paint the Deck

Painting Deck White

There’s not a lot that a fresh coat of paint can’t fix. Transform your tired timber deck with a slick of white paint.

This will bring a fresh, summery vibe to your outdoor entertaining area and have your guests wondering if they’ve died and gone to Santorini.

6. Add a Mirror

Living Room with Mirror

If your dreams of extending the living room or dining room are being hindered by your budget, adding a large mirror is an easy and affordable alternative.

Mirrors create the illusion of a larger space and bring more light to a room. Opt for a simple black or white frame for a sleek yet bold look, or go for a decorative gold frame for an opulent feel.

7. Use a Rug as a Bedhead

Turning your bedroom into a luxurious oasis doesn’t always call for that expensive new furniture set you’ve had your eye on.

Make a statement by turning your favourite rug into a bedhead. Round, textured rugs are our favourite for this project – no matter how neutral or colourful the style.

8. Revamp Tired Furniture

Refurbishing Furniture

Wish you could replace all of your furniture with stylish new pieces? Don’t we all! But there are other ways to give your furniture a makeover that don’t involve crying over your freshly drained bank account.

From reupholstering to adding a coat of paint or new drawer handles, there are endless possibilities for giving your old furniture a new look.

9. Replace Old Light Fixtures

Modern Pendant Lights

Replacing light fixtures from decades past can really give your home a facelift. Chances are those elaborate glass monstrosities have been collecting dust and insects since the ‘80s.

Go for simple modern covers to bring your home into the 21st Century, or have fun with pendant styles for a funky look.

If you want to keep the changed glassware for future purposes, see how to store glassware and crockery here.

10. Install Floating Shelves

Floating Shelf

Possibly the cheapest and easiest way to add style and functionality to a room is to install some floating shelves.

These are great for displaying toys in the kids’ rooms, books in the living room, or photo frames in the dining room.

Want more? Of course you do, greedy. Check out these 35 storage hacks to turn your home into the ultimate well-oiled, organised machine you know it can be.

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