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Why get car storage in Perth?

Perhaps you’re planning a trip but aren’t sure where to keep your car until you need it again. Or maybe you’re the proud owner of a vintage car and you’re looking for secure car storage in Perth to keep it in top condition.

Whatever your reasons for needing car storage in Perth, National Storage can tailor a solution to suit you.

Our vehicle storage in Perth includes:

  • Secure outdoor storage spaces
  • Private lock-up undercover units.

Whether you want to make space in your garage or you want to avoid the potential damage of keeping your car in the driveway, our car storage in Perth is the solution you’re looking for. A car kept in the driveway or on the street is exposed to the harsh sun as well as possible hazards such as hail, falling branches, other cars, and even vandals and thieves.

With our vehicle storage in Perth, you can rest assured your car is as safe as it would be locked up at home. The only difference is, it’s not taking up your garage space!

Benefits of Our Car Storage in Perth

Our car storage in Perth offers:

  • Safety and security for your car
  • Protection from the elements and potential hazards (tree branches, etc.)
  • Protection from potential damage by other vehicles
  • Lower risk of theft or vandalism
  • Lower insurance costs (your insurance provider may offer a lower premium if you store your vehicle).

There are several features and services that make National Storage your top choice for car storage in Perth.

Convenient Access Hours

We offer access hours from early morning to late evening, so you can access your car whenever you need. Most of our locations also offer the option of 24-hour access on request.

Private Lock-Up Spaces

Choose between secure outdoor storage spaces and private, protected, undercover car storage in Perth.

Easy Payment

Our leases run on a month-to-month renewable contract. We send our invoice to you two weeks in advance so you have plenty of time to let us know if you’d like to move out.

Wide Range of Sizes

There’s no vehicle too big or too small for our storage units. Our car storage in Perth caters to cars of all sizes.

Short-Term and Long-Term Car Storage

Whether you’re looking for short-term or long-term car storage in Perth, we’ve got you covered. With our flexible month-to-month leases, you can stay for as long as you need and only pay for what you use.

Car Storage Perth Cost

Need cheap car storage in Perth? National Storage provides secure vehicle storage in Perth at competitive prices.

Our car storage in Perth changes in cost based on factors such as:

  • How much space you need
  • Whether you require 24-hour access
  • Which centre you’re storing at.

To learn just how cheap our car storage in Perth can be, give us a call on 1300 216 803 or contact us online for a quote.

Perth Car Storage FAQs

What security is provided at your storage centres?

The majority of our locations require PIN-coded access, and some centres feature individually alarmed doors. Each of our centres has CCTV security cameras monitoring the premises at all times. If you choose an undercover unit, you’ll have a padlock that only you can unlock.

What if something happens to my car while in storage?

It’s a good idea to organise insurance for your car before putting it in storage, so you are covered in the very unlikely event that something should happen to your vehicle.

How much does your car storage cost in Perth?

This will depend on the size space you need and how long you wish to store your car for.

What is the minimum vehicle storage period at National Storage?

One month. If you require vehicle storage for a shorter period of time, speak to your centre manager about a custom solution.

Do I need to pay a deposit?

No. If you wish to pay a deposit, this will go toward your first month of storage. You are required to pay a deposit when booking online.

What does “hardstand” mean?

A “hardstand” is an outdoor space that is commonly occupied by vehicles and boats. It is open to the elements. Undercover car storage provides overhead protection.

How much notice do I need to give when moving out?

You must give at least seven (7) days’ notice of your intention to move out.