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Why get car storage in Hunter?

Proper storage is a crucial part of maintaining an automobile, and some insurances will even lower your premium if you choose to store your car in a secure location. Just imagine all the space you can gain if a vehicle you don’t use that often, was sleeping somewhere safe.

Car storage gets you:

  • Extra protection against damage and theft
  • Additional space around the house
  • Lower car insurance premiums from some companies
  • One less thing to worry about

Our Hunter car storage centres

Keep your car out of harm’s way and store it at one of our Hunter car storage facilities.

Benefits of our Hunter Car Storage

Convenient accessibility

For your convenience, our Hunter car storage locations are open seven days a week, from early to late – to give you access when it suits you. Some of our sites even stay open 24/7, 365 days a year.

Assorted sizes

Whether you need an open or covered hardstand for your vehicle, we will help you find the appropriate size. Contact our friendly storage experts to chat about our car storage Hunter solutions.

Straightforward month-to-month payment options

Our simple month-to-month payment options make it easy for you to store your car for as long as you want to. At the end of the month, you are automatically billed, but we get the invoice to you in the middle of the month already. This way, you have adequate time to notify us once you are ready to move out.

Hunter Car Storage FAQs

What security is in place?

We have onsite managers at select storage sites, but all our car storage Hunter facilities are monitored by CCTV systems – 24/7, 365 days a year. We also offer convenient PIN-controlled access to our storage units.

What if something happens to my car?

Keep your car protected, on and off the road. Something unfortunate can occur at any time, so it is best to keep your automobile insured year-round.

How long can I store my car for?

You can rent our Hunter car storage units for a minimum of one month, but please stay for as long as you need to.

How much does car storage cost in Hunter?

Hunter car storage costs are determined by the size of the vehicle you want to store, and how long you want to keep it in storage for. Get in touch with our helpful team for a detailed breakdown of our car storage prices.