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Why get boat storage in Hobart?

During the colder months, it is not a bad idea to winterise your boat to discourage damage. If done correctly, it will help to keep your treasured investment in top shape for longer.

Storing your boat gives you:

  • Reduced mooring fees
  • Minimised possibility of damage
  • Lower boat insurance premiums with some companies.

Our Hobart boat storage centres

Maximise the life of your boat and store it at one of our outdoor storage sites in Hobart.

Covered boat storage in Hobart:

Uncovered boat storage in Hobart:

Benefits of our Hobart Boat Storage

Great accessibility

You can access our storage sites from early to late, every day of the week. Some of our storage sites are even open around the clock.

A variety of sizes

We offer covered and open hardstands at our Hobart boat storage sites. Speak to our helpful team to find the appropriate solution for your trailer boat storage needs.

Easy monthly payment option

Our month-to-month payment options give you the opportunity to store your boat for as long as you need. We even send you your monthly bill mid-month to give you adequate time to give notice.

Hobart Boat Storage FAQs

What security measures are in place?

All of our self-storage sites are under 24/7 365 video surveillance. There are onsite managers at some of our sites, and your unique PIN code grants you access.

What if something happens to my boat?

The smart thing to do is to always keep your watercraft insured because you never know when something unfortunate might happen.

How much does boat storage cost in Hobart?

Boat storage costs will be determined by how long you want to store your boat for and what kind of storage you need. To find out more about trailer boat storage costs, reach out to our team of storage experts.

How long can I store my boat for?

We are happy for you to store your boat for as long as you need. However, the minimum amount of time to rent a hardstand is typically one-month.