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Why get boat storage in the Blue Mountains?

The easiest way to protect your boat, when you won’t be using it for a while, is to keep it in a shaded spot or under an appropriate all-weather cover. Not only can the sun do a number on your vessel, but the water pressure can also damage the hull of your boat.

Boat storage gets you:

  • A clean and dry hull that requires less maintenance
  • Minimised possibility of damage and theft
  • Reduced boat ownership costs
  • More space around the house

Our Blue Mountains boat storage centres

Open storage is available at the following outdoor sites:

Benefits of our Blue Mountains Boat Storage

Generous access hours

Our long and convenient hours ensure that you are never away from your prized possession for too long, plus, we are open seven days a week. We also have facilities that offer 24/7 access.

Various hardstand sizes available

Whether you need a big or small hardstand for your jet-ski or boat, we will help you find the right-sized solution. Get in touch with our helpful team.

Trouble-free monthly payment options

We are not into lock-in contracts, so that is why our convenient monthly payment option allows you to store your boat for as long as you need. At the end of each month, you are automatically billed, but we get the statement to you in the middle of the month. This gives you sufficient time to give us notice once you have decided to move out.

Blue Mountains Boat Storage FAQs

What security measures are in place?

Our boat storage sites have access control keypads and are monitored around the clock by CCTV surveillance systems. We also have onsite managers at some of our facilities.

What if something happens to my boat?

Something unlucky can happen at any second, therefore, it is best to keep your boat insured year-round.

How long can I store my boat for?

You can utilise our boat storage for a minimum of one month, but feel free to stay for as long as you please.

How much does boat storage cost in the Blue Mountains?

Boat storage costs are calculated based on the size of your vessel and how long you want to store it for. Enquire with our team for more details on our boat storage Blue Mountains prices.