The RizeUp mission is to drive awareness of domestic and family violence within society by generating life-changing, practical support for the families affected, giving them the hope, empowerment and ability to move on to a life free from violence.

RizeUp helps give a voice to those who don’t feel they can speak up about domestic and family violence and it is driven with passion by an inspiring team who donate enormous amounts of their time and love helping the families in our community who are affected.

National Storage have been an integral supporter of RizeUp for many years, providing much needed storage for their Homes Program. We are proud to partner with RizeUp nationally, to facilitate the collation, storage and distribution of essential items to those fleeing violence.

We are proud to say that, with our help, RizeUp have helped almost 2000 families press the “restart button on a life free from violence” with plans to help so many more.

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