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Moving Blanket

Ideal for protecting large items.


Width: 1800mm

Length: 3000mm

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Buy Moving Blankets Online

Moving blankets are used to wrap large pieces of furniture to protect them from the inevitable dings and scratches that come with moving heavy items. These thick and strong removal blankets can also spare walls and doors from scuff marks. If secured properly, these moving blankets keep out dirt and dust, which is crucial when you are storing items long-term. Another great application for these heavy-duty moving blankets is to get furniture around without potentially damaging the floors – and your back! Hefty items become easy to push once they are on a moving blanket. And to prevent any movement in transit, you can also apply extra furniture removal blankets to fill the gaps between items. Use furniture blankets to protect your car’s upholstery when transporting your pets. It is also great as pet bedding and vastly more comfortable than the floor.



What are moving blankets?

Moving blankets are protective covers used to wrap big and bulky furniture when moving. They are soft but tough and consist of a fabric blend. Movers wrap movables individually and use elastic, tape or straps to secure the furniture blanket.

What are moving blankets used for?

A moving blanket, as the name indicates, is used for moving and storing movables. Moving blankets are used to wrap individual pieces, but you can also use these packing blankets to plug spaces between items on the moving truck to limit friction. Pushing heavy furniture around is easy when you place them on blankets. Even boxes become a breeze to manage when you send them around on a removalist blanket. And you can use them to protect the legs of chairs and tables which could go flying if they knock against a corner or wall.

How to use moving blankets:

Moving blankets can be used to protect your furniture as well as its surroundings. Some bulky items are much easier to navigate if you can push them around. But don’t risk scratching the floors! You can move furniture around your home on moving blankets to prevent heavy items from damaging delicate floors. When you accidentally bang movables against the walls, these packing blankets offer a great way to limit scratches. Moving blankets are kept in place with tape or rubber moving bands. Aim to get a nice tight wrap around your items. If the moving blankets are not secure, they can expose furniture and lead to possible damage.

How many moving blankets do I need?

To determine how many packing blankets you will need, jot down what big items will need to be protected when you move, and consider what you want to keep in storage. Packing blankets are ideal for storing certain items as it is breathable but also keeps the dust out. Allow for a few extra blankets to create cushioning between items. Our removal blankets are available in a practical size, 1800mm x 3000mm, and will easily cover big pieces around the home. You can buy moving blankets by visiting our Box Shop.

Are moving blankets necessary?

When moving house, your belongings are likely to gather some dirt and dust during transport. Moving blankets limit the exposure to grime so that you can spend more time finding the right spot for your furniture instead of cleaning it. When items are taken outdoors, they get exposed to all kinds of elements – just imagine if it rains on your moving day and nothing is covered!

How to store moving blankets:

If you cannot find an alternative use for your moving blankets after the move, then you can store these heavy-duty furniture blankets for another day. Clean the removalist blankets and a plastic container to keep them in. Ensure that the blanket is dry before you roll it up and place it in the clean – also dry – receptacle.