National Storage has been a proud partner of the Mater Foundation’s annual RACQ International Women’s Day Fun Run for the last six years. This event raises funds for treatment, detection and intervention systems to support women living with breast cancer today, and to help save lives tomorrow.

As one of our staff’s favourite events of the year, you’ll find our passionate team both running and volunteering. In 2021, our team handed out 7,500 ice blocks to participants, and contributed to Mater Foundation raising a whopping $1,523,891 for breast cancer research – over $500,000 more than the previous year!

In 2022, the event looked a little different to previous years. Despite the changes, many National Storage team members participated in the virtual event and the corresponding fundraising efforts – resulting in a grand total of $1,746,271 raised for breast cancer research and support services.

It is a heart-warming event filled with big smiles, and an even bigger impact. We hope to see you there in the coming years!

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“As a business with strong family origins, we are committed to supporting both our staff and the broader community. Many of us have experienced firsthand the devastating consequences of breast cancer in our families, and as a result, we are extremely proud to be able to contribute to crucial fundraising and awareness initiatives through our ongoing support of this fantastic cause.”

Andrew Catsoulis
National Storage Managing Director

Self Donation Dollar Match Day

On the 17th of February 2022, National Storage committed to dollar-matching every self-donation made to the RACQ International Women’s Day Fun Run fundraising pages.

This year’s dollar match offer resulted in an additional $82,951.36 raised for the Mater Chicks in Pink!

Self-Donation Dollar Match Day

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