How do I pay online?

As you may have noticed, we have given our website a full makeover just in time for the new year – and want to make sure you know exactly how to navigate it.

One of the biggest changes we have made is in the Pay My Bills function. We have introduced features that will allow you to manage multiple storage units with one login, see full purchase history and access your PIN code to enter our facility online anytime.

With these new features comes the need to setup your new National Storage account and then
associate your existing storage units to your account.

If you know your Pay My Bills login that you have used in the past, then you can follow the following steps to get your account all ready to go. If you have not used Pay My Bills before, please contact your local centre if you wish to get your online account set up.

Step 1: Click the Login button on the top navigation bar.


Step 2: Then complete the Sign Up process on the left by clicking the Sign Up button and filling in the below form.


Step 3: You have now setup your new account for National Storage. Now, we can add your units to your profile. Click on the Add existing unit button.


Step 4: First choose the Storage Centre where your unit is located. Now you will need to fill in your Email Address and Centre Password fields with your Pay My Bills login details and click Continue.


Step 5: After you’ve entered your Pay My Bill details, select the relevant unit(s) and click Add Units.


Step 6: The process will then be completed and will display your Account summary. You can add more units if you have multiple and now they will be visible from the one account, simplifying your storage experience.


Please feel free to contact our friendly team on 1300 280 247 if you need any further assistance. 

Many thanks,
Team NS