Storage Pod vs. Storage Unit: Which Option Is Right for You?

When it comes to storage, there are two main options to consider: storage pod or storage unit.

Storage Pod vs. Storage Unit: Which Option Is Right for You?

Finding the right solution has been an age-old question. Luckily, the decision does not have to be that hard.

Self-storage units have numerous benefits, but what are they?  

Whether you need storage for your business, or for your wine collection, self-storage unit may be the option for you. The versatility of self-storage unit is unparalleled, with features like climate control, and free trailer and ute hire, moving into self-storage has never been easier. If this sounds like you, it might be time to consider a storage unit.   

Business Storage  

If you have been considering business storage, then a storage unit would be the right choice for you. From running ecommerce companies, to storing all your equipment in a central location, then it might be time to consider a storage unit. Features such as receipt and dispatch, as well as access to power connectivity and logistics services, storage units are the new way to operate your business.  

Wine Storage  

Any wine enthusiast would understand the time and management that is required to properly their collection. So, why not get someone else to help with it? Offering managed wine storage from only $1 a bottle, we can ensure that your collection is picked up and delivered to the centre, whilst also maintaining the wines utmost protection. Or if managed storage is not for you, then consider a private vault, storage from 100 bottles to 100,000.  

Vehicle Storage  

One of the most significant advantages of having a storage unit is the availability to store your vehicle inside your unit. If vehicle storage is needed, then the varying sizes of units can ensure that your vehicle can fit. Easily to park, with wide driveway-accessible units that can make sure your vehicle is safe and sound.  

Contact-free, same day move-in  

In the current climate, social distancing is key. Fortunately, contact-free move-ins have become easier than ever, with the reinvention of our online booking process. If you have left storage to the last minute, we also offer same day move-ins. Book now and move-in straight away!   


Short-term, long-term, or unknown? Operating on a month-to-month basis, the flexibility of a storage unit is perfect for anyone unaware of exactly how long they need their unit for. Know exactly how long you want to store for? Offering discounts for prepaying 6 or 12 months in advance, it has never been easier to save, whilst also ensuring the utmost safety of your storage.  

Varying sizes  

If you want all your storage in one, easy-to-access place, then a storage unit is the right way to go. Differing from storage pods, we offer up to 40 different sizes of units, ranging from lockers to mini warehouses. Storage pods having one size means that your gear may be split up into many different pods, whereas if organisation and clarity is a priority, self-storage units are the way to go.  


Security and ease of mind is paramount when it comes to storage. By packing away your belongings into storage unit, and knowing exactly where everything is, you can ensure that you know your contents are not damaged or broken during the transport of the storage pod. In addition to this, by being the only person who can open your storage unit, you will know that your possessions are securely locked away.  

Access Hours  

Want to access your unit anytime? With most centres offering 24/7 access upon request, going to your storage unit has never been easier. Ensuring 7 days a week, 5 AM-9 PM regular access, you can go and visit your gear without warning 16 hours a day.   

Free trailer and ute hire  

Wanting to save on removalists? Free truck and ute hire is available from any of our centres for all customers. By completing this process yourself, you can guarantee that all your possessions are picked up and delivered to the centre, damage-free.  


Or maybe you’re interested in interstate removalist services? Fortunately, National Storage is partnered with Muval, which can make sure that your goods are picked up, delivered, or stored without any damage or hassle. 

Are you looking for an alternate optionHere’s what you need to know about storage pods.

Moving interstate  

One aspect of storage pods is their ability to be moved interstate. Packing and setting up shop in another state would be considered more manageable, however only if you are only moving minimal items.  

One size  

Storage pods usually come in one size. Instead of being able to store all your belongings in one unit, storage pods work by having several, smaller spaces. So, if you are not keeping a lot of items, this may be the option for you.  


Storage pods are dependent on their availability. Since they are moved around and transported, they are dependent on what is available. Unlike storage centres, that are dotted all over major cities, storage pods typically have one location where all their pods are kept, meaning that there will not be as many available as storage units.  


If you are looking at not accessing your storage too frequently, storage pods may be the right option. Accessible 6 days a week, with a warning given prior to the company, storage pods provide a solution for those who are willing to put their belongings away with limited accessibility.  


If you want your belongings transported to and from your destination, storage pods might be a wise choice. However, when transporting your items loosely in a storage pod, there is a high chance of damage whilst moving the pod to and from the set locations.  


Weather in Australia is never the same. With heatwaves, to cold snaps, if your furniture is durable and will be unaffected by the surrounds, storage pods provide the perfect solution.  

Zoning Laws  

Storing your pod away may prove to be difficult, as not all residential zones permits it. Before you decide on a storage pod, you must ensure that you are allowed to have it on your property.  

So, where do we go from here?  

Now all the advantages have been laid out, which solution is the one for you? Storage units will appeal to those who are interested in having their possessions kept together in one, easy-to-access unit, that has the ability to store anything from vehicles to wine. Proving on-site truck and ute hire, transporting and storing your items is considered extremely safe and comfortable.   

Storage pods are an option for those looking to store very little, for a short amount of time. If you are looking to keep away the entire or most of the contents from your home for longer than a month, then it may be time to consider a self-storage unit.  

Now that all the benefits of a self-storage unit are laid out, why not book now online? If you’re not ready to book yet, you can also get an easy online quote. Visit our website to see which storage unit is best for you, or simply call our storage experts on 1300 255 611.   

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