Shoe Storage Ideas

Shoe Storage Ideas

Where do you keep your kicks when they’re not on your feet?

If you have a large shoe collection, storage is a must for keeping your footwear organised and off the floor. Because there’s nothing worse than tripping on a Croc on your way to bed.

Maybe you’re looking for shoe storage ideas that maximise space in your wardrobe. Or perhaps you’re after shoe storage solutions that showcase your favourite styles.

Either way, nail your shoe storage and put your best foot forward with these shoe storage ideas.


Shoe Storage Solutions

Shoe storage ideas in house

For some, they’re nothing more than a daily necessity that protects us from strangers’ gum and goodness knows what else. For others, they’re a prized collectible that’s bordering addiction.

Wherever you sit on the spectrum, these shoe storage ideas will have your shoes organised in no time.


Shoe Box Storage


If you have a small or medium collection of shoes, a great shoe storage solution could be to keep your shoes in their shoeboxes. This way your shoe storage can be stacked neatly in your wardrobe or cupboard. Simple and affordable!

Top Tip: Stick a photo of your shoes on the outside of their shoe box so you can find them quickly.


Cube Sneaker Storage

If you’re a true sneakerhead, you’ll know there’s no better smell than that of a fresh pair of kicks. If you want the smell and sight of your brand new babies on display for all to see, you can’t go past open cube storage to give each pair their very own shelf.


Ladder Shoe Shelf

Another great option for those who wish to keep their shoes on display, a ladder shelf makes great shoe collection storage. This aesthetically pleasing piece makes a funky feature in the bedroom for shoe-aholics. You can even add a candle, a stack of your favourite books, and an indoor plant or two to really dress up the shelves.


Floating Shelves

Who doesn’t want their bedroom to resemble a library for shoes? If you really want to feel like a kid in a candy store choosing the perfect pair every morning, displaying your shoes on floating shelves will give your home that boutique shoe-shop feel.


Shoe Organiser Ideas for Small Spaces

Shoe collection storage concept

Don’t let a modest space stop you from organising or displaying your shoe collection how you want. If you’re short on room, you might need to get creative with these shoe storage ideas for small spaces.


Tension Rod Shoe Racks

Another easy and affordable shoe storage solution, tension rod shoe racks can be installed in a flash and removed when you no longer need them. These are a great way to get your shoes off the wardrobe floor – and even stacked on top of each other for more storage space.


Shoe Hangers

An oldie but a goodie, over-the-door shoe hangers remain popular for a reason. They turn a simple door into the ultimate shoe storage in just minutes. This is an ideal shoe storage solution for renters, as shoe hangers are easy to remove and take with you when you go.

Check out some other clever uses for shoe hangers in our article 35 Storage Hacks For Your Home.


Wall-Mounted Shoe Racks


Running out of room for your shoes? Wall-mountain racks allow you to maximise the space in your bedroom or wardrobe by transforming blank wall space into useful shoe storage. Install these against the wall inside your closet or out in the open to display your collection.


Corner Shelves

This is the ultimate space-saver hack for storing shoes. If you have an awkward corner space, why not install a few shelves and transform it into shoe storage?


DIY Cardboard Shoe Rack

If you’re feeling crafty, you can always take matters into your own hands and create your very own cardboard shoe rack. You can grab some sturdy cardboard boxes here.

Need to make room for your shoes? A self-storage unit could help. Discover our affordable, flexible options here and book today.

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