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Why Self-Storage Is The Ultimate Travelling Companion

Why Self-Storage Is The Ultimate Travelling Companion

Perhaps you’re ticking countries off your bucket list between apartments, moving overseas for work, or leaving for an adventure with no fixed destinations or dates. If you’ve nutted out the basics of your travel plans, but now you’re thinking, “but what will I do with all my stuff?!” Here are 5 reasons self-storage could be your ultimate travelling companion.

1. We Won’t Drop You at a Moment’s Notice

If you store your things with friends or family there’s a chance they might need you to move it out without much notice, which isn’t great if you’re not in the country. They could be moving house, need their spare room back for a new family addition, or just want the space back. Storing with us means you know your belongings are right where you left them, for as long as you need.

If we ever have to move your items for any reason, we will notify you and foot the bill for moving your items into a new unit.

Friendly Reminder

2. We Are as Flexible as You Are

You can sign up for a month, a year, or more and every contract can be extended with an e-mail or phone call.  If you forget about your storage and the contract is near expiry, our team will get in touch with a friendly reminder. You only need to give us 1 weeks’ notice when you want to move out your items, so you can just let us know when you’re on your way home.

Travel for a month or a year, self-storage is flexible.

3. Self-Storage Can Save You Money

If you’re renting a room you’re likely to be paying around $180 a week, which is excessive if you’re not going to be living there for a while. Compare this with a storage unit that fits items from small room costing around $21 per week – you’re onto a winner.

If you have larger items that need to find a home while you’re away, such as a car, self-storage can help there too. There are unit sizes to suit every home, from 5 bedrooms with a car, to a single room. Your belongings don’t have to hold you back from your travel plans.

Self-storage is an affordable option as we tailor everything to your needs.

4. You Can Check-in with Family, Not with Your Belongings

Often lending items to friends and family can seem like the best way to have people look after your things free of charge. However, problems can arise if something breaks or gets damaged, especially if you feel your items weren’t being looked after.

Self-storage means when you’re checking in with family you’re doing just that. You won’t need to ask how your car is running, or if the cat has been clawing at your leather couch.

Cat And Couch

By storing your things, your items won’t break, degrade, or lose value because of use.

5. We’re Looking Out for You

Every customer has an individual access code to the centre, so we know who is coming and going. You’ll also have your own padlock to secure your unit, so you can share the key with who you like.

Units are clean, flood-free and pest controlled, so your items are well protected.

Self-storage can store all your belongings while you’re away, or look after a few treasures so you know they’re safe. Whatever your storage needs, our experts are on hand to tailor a solution just for you. Discover our affordable, flexible options here and book today.

Happy travelling!

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