Reclaim Your Space: What You Can Do With A Decluttered Spare Room

Reclaim Your Space: What You Can Do With A Decluttered Spare Room

A spare room presents a blank canvas for a world of possibilities. Unfortunately, one of these (very commonly explored) possibilities is to use the room as storage for excess clutter. If your spare room has become a graveyard for useless possessions and forgotten junk, it’s time to clear the clutter and free some space to make the most of your empty room.

If you’re lacking the motivation needed to organise your excess belongings, check out this collection of truly indulgent spare room transformations for some serious inspiration.

The Sophisticated Home Library

Home Library

Forget the reading nook and treat yourself to the reading room you have always wanted by transforming your spare space into a sophisticated home library. Put all of your treasured titles on show with traditional built-in bookcases and a rolling ladder. Comfortable seating is a must, not to mention handy side tables for resting your coffee between chapters.

The Serene Sanctuary

We all need a little more Zen in our lives, and what better way to remind ourselves to make the time to relax and unwind than with a room dedicated to doing just that? An empty spare room is the perfect opportunity for creating a peaceful atmosphere to switch off with a cup of tea (or a glass of wine) and a book (or a trashy magazine).

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We love The Life Creative’s use of a soft colour palette and ambient lighting to create their dreamy, tranquil space. Check out their site on revamping your space and get some ideas for your own serene sanctuary.

Who says the spare room has to be a playroom for the grandkids or a home office nobody ever steps foot in? Reclaim your space and treat yourself by creating a retreat you will truly enjoy.

The Media Room

Whether you fancy yourself an enthusiastic film connoisseur or you love escaping reality to indulge in your guilty pleasure reality TV show, a media room can take your entertainment experience to the next level – minus the sticky floors and popcorn-ridden furniture of the public cinema.

Home Theatre


Essentials include a large-screen television or projector and enough seating for the whole family and all your friends. Cover any windows with block-out curtains or blinds, and paint the room a dark colour to ensure pesky light reflections are kept to a minimum. Then pair your screen with powerful surround-sound speakers and you’re ready for movie night at home.

The Gorgeous Guestroom

While there is no one permanently residing in your spare room, take advantage of the empty space to impress your visitors with a swoon-worthy guestroom fit to rival any luxury resort.

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Follow Interiors Addict’s lead and opt for fresh neutrals combined with a subtle pop of colour to create a welcoming and stylish atmosphere. See how they play with textured soft furnishings and fun accessories to add interest in their spare room transformation post.

With a guestroom as chic and dreamy as this, your friends and family will soon be finding any excuse for a sleepover.

So what are you going to do with your spare room? Whatever you decide on is sure to be a better option than ‘clutter closet’.

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