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How To Organise Your Home Office

How To Organise Your Home Office

Did you know an organised workspace can increase your productivity?

It’s true – Harvard said so.

And if anyone can convince us to declutter the office, it’s a private Ivy League university.

But a tidy home office doesn’t just boost efficiency and foster focus – it also looks pretty.

Improve your productivity (and style) with some of our favourite home office storage and organisation ideas from around the web.


Home Office Organisation Ideas

Working from home is great; it gives you easy access to the fridge, and your lunchbreaks can consist of Netflix and/or a nap.

But working from home also means your stock, paperwork, and other business-y stuff can quickly pile up in your workspace – and spill out into your living areas.

These home office organisation ideas require a little DIY, so roll up your sleeves and get to work (pun intended).

Corkboard Wall

This little home office hack is particularly handy if you’re lacking space. Instead of letting your paperwork pile up on your desk or in your drawers, keep important files and reminders on a large corkboard.

This keeps those key papers separate and easy to see at all times. It’s also a great way to display any inspirational pictures and quotes to keep you going.

Floating Shelves

Floating shelves are the cheese of storage hacks; they work with anything.

Home office storage has never been so simple (and affordable) with this magical furniture. Make the most of the wall space in your home office and add as many floating shelves as you need to hold your books, binders, and more.

Curtain Rod

Another great way to optimise space in your home office is to install a curtain rod for hanging everyday items within easy reach.

This ingenious home office storage idea also reduces the amount of clutter on your desk’s surface.

Hanging Shoe Rack

It’s no secret we’re huge advocates for hanging shoe racks. This versatile solution creates additional storage space pretty much anywhere, and we’re not about to not include it in another handy article about storage hacks.

Attach one to the wall or the side of a cupboard for all your stationary and other bits and bobs.

Discover more uses for hanging shoe racks in our article 35 Storage Hacks For Your Home.


Home Office Desk Organisation Ideas

This is where things can go pear-shaped – fast. If you work from home, you’ll know it doesn’t take long for your desk to transform into a dumping ground – and the mess can cause you more stress than a fussy client.

These home office desk organisation ideas will keep your desk tidy and functional so you don’t lose any time ticking off your to-do list.

Clip-On Containers

Saving space on your desk but still putting your everyday items in easy reach, we love these clip-on containers for home office storage.

Fill with pens, plants, or your arvo chocolate bar (or beer) – we’re not here to judge.

Drawer Dividers

If you’re not on the drawer-divider bandwagon yet, you’re seriously missing out. Drawer dividers are the ultimate answer to your where-the-heck-are-the-paperclips woes.

Buy them from IKEA or your local department store or make some yourself using small gift boxes, and thank us later.

Shoebox Desk Caddy

Another one of our favourite home office organisation ideas that’ll take some DIY, these desk caddies can be made from materials you’ve likely already got in the home.

Take a shoebox and some toilet rolls and get crafty with this shoebox desk caddy, designed to hold your stationary and knickknacks.

Keyboard Tray

The ol’ keyboard is quite the desk hog. This DIY keyboard tray is a quick and easy project that leaves you with more desk space for other stuff.

All you need is:

  • A slab of timber
  • Some sliders
  • A power drill
  • Patience.

For more clever ways to keep your office docs organised, check out our Top 10 Techniques For Storing Office Documents.


Office Storage Units

And if you really don’t have enough space in your home office for all your inventory and paperwork, help is at hand.

You can keep your stuff organised and out of the way with affordable business storage from National Storage. Or better yet, see how a storage unit can work for your business here.

Perfect for freeing up space in your home office, our storage units are available in a range of sizes to suit your business – big or small. Get a tailored quote with us today!

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