Why Every Student Needs Self-Storage

Why Every Student Needs Self-Storage

A few things might come to mind when heading off to university: what your roommates will be like, how to do your own laundry, where to get the cheapest instant noodles. But did you ever stop to think about where you’ll keep all your excess stuff?

Being a student isn’t all toga parties and toast for dinner. Your new living arrangements can leave you with the difficult decision of which belongings to take and which to toss. But don’t start saying your goodbyes to your stuff just yet; self-storage is here to save the day and make your #unilife easier.


Why Students Need Self-Storage

You don’t have enough space in your new dorm room or share house

Students in share house

So, you’re finally leaving the nest and starting a new life on campus or in a share house. While this is an exciting time to make new friends and experiment with some unusual late-night recipes (hello, Fruit Loop and peanut butter sandwich), your new space may not have enough room for all your stuff.

Self-storage makes a great temporary home when you’re lacking the space for that magazine collection or those participation trophies.

Your parents want to clear your old room of your stuff

Teenager's bedroom

If your parents want to ditch your stuffed animal collection and turn your old room into a home office or meditation room, that’s their call. Let them find their dang Zen.

But because you’re such a busy student with lots of studying* to do, you probably don’t have the time to go through your old room and keep the stuff you want – or you simply don’t have the room for it.

Instead, keep it in a self-storage unit until you’ve got the time to sort through it, or the storage space to take it with you.

*See also: partying.

You’re studying overseas

Student reading map in Europe

OK, we’re only a little jealous. If you’re heading off to get some knowledge with a side of #wanderlust, you’ll need to organise more than just your passport and Visa.

Sure, you could leave all your stuff sitting at home to collect dust or tempt thieves, or you could not be silly and put it in a self-storage unit.


Why Students Love Self-Storage

Group of students studying

Flexible Monthly Payments

Chances are you won’t have endless cash to splash as a student (thank goodness for happy hour). This is why we offer flexible month-to-month arrangements, so you only pay for what you need.

We automatically bill you for the next month, too, making it easy for you to continue your lease without having to think about it (you’ll do enough thinking during exam block). The invoice is sent out a fortnight in advance, giving you plenty of time to let us know if you want to move out.

Convenient Locations

With centres sprinkled throughout Australia’s major cities, you’re sure to find a self-storage unit near your university. This makes it easy to access your stuff whenever you need; you can even organise 24/7 hour access at some of our locations.

For example:

  • Our Camperdown centre is only a 5-minute drive from the University of Sydney.
  • Our South Melbourne centre is only a 9-minute drive from the Victoria University, City Flinders Lane Campus.
  • Our Perth centre is only a 6-minute drive from the CQUniversity Perth.

Check out this handy guide for moving out for the first time to really prove to your parents you know how to adult.

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